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a consonant articulated with the tip of the tongue near the gum ridge

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As oral care providers, it is important that we continually emphasize the value of dental biofilm removal and control to reduce pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity.
However, the presently tested 5-day LSO toothpaste treatment successfully reduced MS levels, and most importantly, MS levels remained low and did not return to baseline during subsequent analysis, suggesting a synergist effect between fluoride and the antibacterial constituents present in Lippia sidoides Cham, essential oil, and emphasizing the importance of the mechanical removal of the dental biofilm in long-term antibacterial effect against Streptococcus mutans.
The efficiency of education and motivation for oral hygiene in these patients was confirmed in studies reported by Maciel and co-workers [2009] and that a marked reduction in rates of dental biofilm occurs, mainly due to the assimilation of techniques appropriate to achieving oral hygiene and therefore the acquisition of healthy habits and routines which is in accordance with the present study.
The formation of dental biofilm on teeth is the primary step leading to oral diseases.
The role of sucrose in cariogenic dental biofilm formation--new insight.
For example, we know that the accumulation of dental biofilm can trigger resultant inflammatory and immune responses.
Besides being a prerequisite for caries occurrence [Thylstrup, 1998; Fejerskov, 2004], dental biofilm is the direct cause of gingivitis [Loe, 2000].
Keywords: periodontal disease, periodontal infection, chronic periodontitis, scaling and root planing, dental biofilm
In addition, dental biofilm, especially subgingival plaque in patients with periodontitis, has been associated with various systemic diseases and disorders, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, respiratory disease, and adverse pregnancy outcomes.
Antimicrobial mouthrinses reduce the bacterial count and inhibit the pathogenic bacterial activity in dental biofilm that can cause gingivitis, a precursor to periodontitis.
In a later 2009 independent study at the University of Southern California Center for Dental Biofilms, using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), researchers demonstrated that the Water Flosser removed up to 99.