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a consonant articulated with the tip of the tongue near the gum ridge

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The shape of the dental arcade in most mammals approximates a symmetrical parabolic curve, and thus presents a relatively simple example for examining the utility, of modeling shape differences using polynomial function curves.
In the example of the phyllostomid dental arcades, which were well fitted by second-order polynomial functions, the two discriminating parameters (constant and coefficient of [x.
Tooth floating is defined in the legislation as the performance of an equine dental procedure on bovine, equine, porcine or other livestock to remove dental enamel points or smooth, contour, or level incisors or dental arcades or extract deciduous or vestigial teeth without sedatives, tranquillizers or other prescription anesthetics.
Prosthetic restoration of edentulous patients must follow the recovery of dental arcades, functional almost partial mastication recovery, and why not aesthetic shape and form of teeth, occlusal equilibration, homeostasis of the prosthetic field.