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a consonant articulated with the tip of the tongue near the gum ridge

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Further it has been reported that water, oxygen, chloride, sulphur corrodes various metal present in the dental alloys.
These findings suggest that exposure to Cd released from dental alloy restorations may influence many aspects of mineralized hard tissue of teeth and their immediate surrounding periodontal tissues.
Key words: welding, dental alloys, laser, non-invasive methods, metallography, scanning electronic microscopy
The selection of the dental alloy should be based on the salivary pH evaluation of each patient.
Nasdaq-NNM: PHNXY), an international manufacturer and distributor of high quality dental alloys, durable equipment and supplemental products, today announced preliminary results for the fourth quarter and year ended May 31, 1996.
Phoenix said the increase resulted from higher sales volume of both dental alloys and supplemental products as the Company's European and Scandinavian subsidiaries continue to gain market share.
As previously reported, Ney develops, manufactures and distributes dental alloys, equipment and merchandise to dental laboratories.
Phoenix Shannon plc, whose headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in the Shannon Free Zone, Ireland, is a service-oriented manufacturer and distributor of high quality dental alloy compositions and supplemental dental products used by dental laboratories and technicians in the fabrication of crowns, bridges and other dental restorations.
With the wide array of products ranging from CAD/CAM materials to dental alloys and veneering ceramics up to electroplating, the company offers individual laboratory concepts and systems solutions.
Key words: macroscopic visual inspection, electron microscopy, Ni-Cr dental alloys, laser welding, prostheses
Although in the last few years there have been some attempts to use numerical modelling techniques for a better understanding or even solving of aspects related to the melting and casting of dental alloys, by using software packages like Magmasoft, Fluent or JSCast, there has been no systematic approach to the usage of computer-aided modelling and simulation software for the optimisation of the design of small-size casting moulds (Wu, 2002).
Growth in specialty glass production, dental alloys and petroleum refining combined to produce a 3 percent increase in industrial demand.
Palladium--a soft, gray-white metal that resembles platinum--is a component in dental alloys, jewelry, and electrical contacts.