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Synonyms for densitometer

a measuring instrument for determining optical or photographic density

a measuring instrument for determining density or specific gravity

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The relative expression of PPAR gamma, adiponectin, and leptin in 3T3-L1 adipocytes was quantified densitometrically using the software LabWorks 4.
1/2] was verified by fluorescent immunodetection and quantified densitometrically ([greater than or equal to] 75 cells/time point), corrected for background, in the nuclear area using Image] software (version 1.
DNA concentrations were determined by measuring the absorbance at 260 nm, or by fractionating DNA aliquots on a gel against known concentrations of 1-DNA standards and quantifying densitometrically.
Deposition of silver on the gold NPs amplifies the absorbance signal, which is recorded densitometrically (Fig.
Unlike conventional cemented and non-cemented THR devices, which can lose 20-40% of proximal femoral bone mass within the first 24 months following surgery, Revelation components have been shown densitometrically to preserve original bone (95%+ at two years and 100% at four years) in primary THR surgeries and to regenerate bone in revision THR surgeries.
The intensities of the bands were quantified densitometrically using Image J software version 1.
Positive immunoreactive bands were quantified densitometrically and expressed as the ratio of problem to [beta]-actin in arbitrary units.
The reactive bands were detected by chemiluminescence and signal intensity was densitometrically quantitated in Western blotting (Image J, version 2.