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Synonyms for densitometer

a measuring instrument for determining optical or photographic density

a measuring instrument for determining density or specific gravity

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In a test conducted by Vale in 2014 with a polyurethane-coated microwave densitometer, the equipment lasted only 20 days, due to internal wear.
Dr Tom Margrain, who led the research, said: "Working alongside engineers - more used to designing state of the art instruments for ground and space technology - we've been able to develop the densitometer, which can assess this change by measuring, over time, the very small changes in the amount of light reflected by the retina after exposure to light.
The selection of a densitometer depends on the color change or opacity change of the film.
Review the calibrated density "standard" provided by the manufacturer; this small bit of film helps you verify and adjust densitometer readings.
Nickel and her colleagues at the University of Wisconsin osteoporosis clinical center and research program in Madison compared the DPX Bravo system with the company's older system, the GE Lunar Prodigy densitometer, a traditional fan-beam device that measures bone mineral density (BMD).
This study suggests that the employment of a polarized light filter in a reflection based densitometer or spectrodensitometer provides a better representation for comparing optical density values to ink film thicknesses than those instruments without such filters.
The DexaCare(R) G4 is a "turn-key" table-top bone densitometer targeted at offices and private practices.
Doctors at the University of Iowa Medical School evaluated the bone density of 368 preschool children ages 4-6 years old with a bone densitometer.
She will be joined by MP Andy King and will see facilities including the new renal dialysis unit and the x-ray department's bone densitometer - the only machine of its kind in the county.
If you have five friends or business colleagues, the osteoporosis Mobile Bone Densitometer van will come to your home or office, complete a bone-density test on your hip and spine, give you a complete diagnosis and make recommendations.
Anticipating this problem, in 1986 Peha Medicine Gerate GmbH of Sulzbach, Germany, introduced the first scanning densitometer, a device that could automatically read all 21 steps of a densitometric reading, calculate all necessary statistics and print a report.
The system integrates an intelligent scanning densitometer, a sensitometer with adjustable exposure and a printer.
The shop should also use a densitometer to compare the imagesetter output against expected values.
Tenders are invited for Supply,Delivery of One Piece of Bone Densitometer.
X-Rite has announced the availability of a new member of its DensiEye family of portable pressroom reflection densitometers.