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a measuring instrument for determining density or specific gravity

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The specific mass of biodiesel B-100 was measured at 40[degrees]C with an Anton-Paar densimeter 4500 to calculate the kinematic viscosity.
Losch-Will, Apparatus for wide-ranging, high-accuracy fluid (p, [rho], T) measurements based on a compact two-sinker densimeter, J.
08 in) was determined after samples were dispersed in sodium hexametaphosphate solution using the Bouyoucos densimeter method (Gee and Bauder, 1986).
Density measurements were made with an Anton-Paar densimeter with an accuracy of [+ or -] x [10.
Created within the past five years, the Densimeter is a non-invasive tool that measures fluid density in pipes or vessels.
The Densimeter is a noninvasive tool that measures fluid density in pipes or vessel walls.
The densimeter is a U-shaped tube that vibrates harmonically as gas flows through it.
Scheduled to be exhibited are the ED-120T High Precision Electronic Densimeter, Ray Ran's 4MPCA Automatic Melt Flow Indexer, and Daventest's HDT Tester.
The physical characterization (Table 2) consisted of analyses of granulometry and clay dispersed in water in the ADFE through the densimeter method, estimating the indices of dispersion and flocculation.
The winery's lab is equipped with an alcolyzer and densimeter by Anton Paar as well as an Enolyzer by Unitech Scientific.
Instrumentation: Rheometer, viscometer, testers; fatigue, dynamic, flex-cracking, ozone chamber, aging oven, tire plunger, air permeability, oil bath, carbon black dispersion, electronic tensile, tensile strength, abrasion resistance; electronic densimeter, tire cutting machine, constant temperature and humidity chamber
The bulk densities of the samples before and after foaming were measured by a densitometer (Mirage Electronic Densimeter MD-200S) and were used to calculate the cell density.
The bulk density of the sintered dense samples was measured by the Archimedes principle using a standard densimeter (Alfa Mirage, MD-300S).