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an increase in the density of something

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An operator then connects an empty bag to four actuated bag strap hooks, seals the bag spout using an inflatable collar and presses a bag inflation button to initiate a seven-step automated filling sequence: 1) start a conveyor to fill the bag at high rate, 2) reduce the feed rate to dribble speed as the target weight is approached, 3) stop the conveyor once the target rate is achieved, 4) vibrate the pallet to densify and stabilize the bag, 5) deflate the spout seal, 6) release the bag loops and 7) release the pallet with newly filled bag (and any previously filled bags) to roll to the furthest of three downstream conveyor positions.
Facing pressures to densify and develop, the Valley's landmarks are in perpetual peril.
Plastcompactors densify fiber, film, and foam; convert hard-to-manage waste into free-flowing densified granules without significant thermal degradation.
Without having to densify or pelletize the waste material, plastic film and sheet processors can reclaim and reuse edge trim and roll scrap at rates of up to 1200 lbs/hr--using the new PAC Granulate Feed System, which was introduced by Precision AirConvey (PAC) at NPE 2003.
The Plastcompactor CV is a disc agglomerator used to densify any thermoplastic materials, including thin film edge trim, carpeting rejects, polyester foam, plastic fibers, and pre-sorted domestic waste.
The PHARMX[R] granulator uses a bottom mounted impeller and side mounted chopper to mechanically granulate and densify powders.
The design of the variable frequency drive (control panel) and the internal weighting system of the vibrator are able to densify the refractory without forking.
Further work also established that a variety of thermo-mechanical processes can be used to more efficiently and semicontinuously densify the foam.
In France, Dolphin will continue to roll out and densify the network in the four regions already launched, including Paris, but launches in four additional regions planned for the second half of 2001 will be delayed until the first half of 2002.
Short description of the contract or purchase / procurement it~s a flat market to densify aircraft contact stands in Hall B Orly Sud and improve loading capacity through the creation of three pre-gateways.
Developed in the United Kingdom by the British military, RIC technology has been used extensively in Canada, the Western United States and other locations to densify fills and loose soils for support of building foundations, highway embankments, aircraft runways, roadways and dams.