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an increase in the density of something

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The Densify service offers fast time to value, ease of adoption and use and the greatest potential for savings in the market through the industry's most powerful optimization engine.
When in multiple container mode, the NBE bulk container filler uses automated, vibratory densifier pads to individually densify each container on a pallet.
A major wireless carrier has selected Zayo for a dark fiber solution to densify its network in Colorado Springs and expand capacity along the Front Range, the company said.
The 18-month bridge financing facility was arranged by Mizuho Bank, LTD and provides Sprint with USD2 billion of liquidity as the company continues to execute its turnaround initiatives, densify and optimize its network, and progress towards other financing transactions in the future.
The Plastcompactor CV is a disc agglomerator used to densify any thermoplastic materials, including thin film edge trim, carpeting rejects, polyester foam, plastic fibers, and pre-sorted domestic waste.
The design of the variable frequency drive (control panel) and the internal weighting system of the vibrator are able to densify the refractory without forking.
In France, Dolphin will continue to roll out and densify the network in the four regions already launched, including Paris, but launches in four additional regions planned for the second half of 2001 will be delayed until the first half of 2002.
Acquired fiber facilities will also help Verizon to continue to densify its cell network.
It's high time Los Angeles leaders got together with community members and hammered out a plan that not only addresses housing, but the larger questions of growth: Where should we densify, and where not?
These points of view would be valid were it not for the tendency of: * metal to contract and densify upon solidifying; * alloying elements to come out of solution in various undesirable ways when metal cools and freezes slowly; * molten metal to entrap air and form oxides when sloshing into the mold.
Furthermore, the landfill and transfer station serve as an attractive position from which we can densify our market presence by acquiring additional collection companies and transfer stations.
Adam Koeppe, VP, Network Planning, Verizon, said : "Our work with Ericsson and this deployment of the Radio Dot System in one of Verizon's key office locations is another example of how we are leveraging the best technology to densify our 4G LTE network and deliver seamless customer experiences, indoors and out.