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an increase in the density of something

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During early densifications the seed particles are very small and occupy only a small part of the volume contained in the heel.
This allows a quantity of the nickel powder to discharge with the spent solution, reducing the load on the agitators for a few more densifications, until the remaining nickel particles grow sufficiently to once again raise the power draw to the limit.
The quantity of seed powder retained in the heel of the autoclave does not provide sufficient surface area to sustain reduction rates during later densifications [3] when the surface area to mass ratio is low.
Thus, the mass of seed required is directly proportional to the mass of nickel to be reduced and the ratio of seed nickel powder to nickel in feed liquor must be determined based on the desired number of densifications in the autoclave cycle.
If it is desired to achieve autoclave cycles exceeding 70 densifications, sufficient seed is required to ensure that adequate active surface area is available to sustain satisfactory reduction rates and that the particle size does not become too large for downstream processing.