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an increase in the density of something

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The specific goal is to enhance the current surface hardening technology by mechanical densification to produce wood with improved surface properties that would suit selected end applications such as flooring.
Also on September 10, Oliver Valente, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer of ExteNet Systems, will deliver a keynote at the Tower & Small Cell Summit, highlighting neutral host strategies for wireless network densification (12:40 p.
The city authorities have made a conscious decision to accommodate predicted population growth within the existing urbanised area through structural densification.
This type of microstructure is representative of material along the specimen length, with the only difference being that from the plunger to die end a very slight decrease in the level of densification was observed.
The sintering simulation uses real-time furnace data (gas flow rate and temperature) to compute the state of densification throughout various stages in the furnace.
Densal unit built to permit economical densification of aluminum castings at high-production rates suitable for automotive applications.
OriginOil was an algae industry representative at the Department of Energy's Biomass Preconversion and Densification Workshop held on August 23 and 24, 2011, at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL).
The object of the contract is to study the capacity of the entire road network and related this territory inhabited scrubland networks, their ability to withstand a densification taking into account natural risks, zoning changes resulting and the financial estimates of the induced jobs.
Heterogeneous networks and flexible deployment models help solve network densification challenges for wireless carriers and their customers," said Tim Ayers, ExteNet's Vice President of Global Services.
Within sections on densification, chemical methods, and physical methods, they discuss such topics as fundamentals and practice of sintering, processing and applications of sol-gel glass, the chemical vapor deposition of structural ceramics and composites, directional solidification, and processing ceramics by plasma spraying.
Over the years, he has been a strong advocate for geotechnical innovation and has contributed to many state-of-the-practice geotechnical applications in ground improvement, including the first use of a combination of stone columns and earth reinforcement in a wharf structure, the first use of mechanically stabilized backfill underwater, the first use of stone columns in a cellular structure, the use of jet grouting and fracture grouting to support tunnel construction under active railroad tracks, the use of a variety of lightweight fill materials, and the densification and chemical stabilization of organic soils for use in roadway construction.
Finally, complete densification was not observed for the high aspect ratio particles.
And because local leaders tend to approve densification projects without providing adequate infrastructure upgrades, the result is usually not greater use of mass transit, but even more road congestion.
Detailed studies of the Cambridge and MIT experiences are also provided, including differing options for future growth, such as greater densification, green belt usage, virtual highways, new towns, and corridor developments.
Styromelt PD2000 plastic densification machine processes EPS waste at up to 20 lb/hr.