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an increase in the density of something

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In addition to these reinforcement and drainage effects, densification of the ambient soil around the rammed granular pile (RGP) should also be considered for total and better evaluation of improvement.
Fiber twist, fiber collapse, and gap closure were found to be the main mechanisms in the densification of the paper structure.
However, if it is not held at that temperature long enough for the sintering and densification to finish, a breach in the hotface will result in unsintered, loose refractory spilling into the bottom of the furnace.
In parallel with the surveys, a process of training happened to enable each country technicians to proceed the gravimetric densification by themselves and to guarantee the continuity of the project on the same pattern of quality and homogeneity.
After this point has been reached, the volume of seed in the autoclave remains relatively constant as some of the nickel powder will discharge with the spent solution at the end of each densification.
The agreement, reached as part of a settlement of patent litigation between the parties, will allow Sprint to leverage Coxs broadband infrastructure to accelerate the densification of the Sprint network while simultaneously increasing efficiency of its macro backhaul and small cell deployment.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 7, 2017-Sprint, Altice agreement accelerates Sprint's network densification efforts
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-October 13, 2017-Zayo chosen for small cell densification
The Densify service is the next evolution of SaaS as it combines the organization's predictive and real-time optimization analytics with an assigned Densification Advisor(TM), eliminating the burden of learning, operating, managing and maintaining software.
I think the growth is there, but this densification has held us back.
This mill Feruses centrifugal force to generate high-energy particle impact for size reduction, deagglom-ation, densification, and high-intensity mixing.
Exceptionally well suited to filling ingredients that are hazardous, toxic, require hygienic handling or are difficult flowing, the CTE features the patented cone densification table, hang weighing and hang filling.
The 19 articles in this third volume focus on processing from perspectives of powders, densification and beyond, films and coatings, manufacturing technology, and alternative strategies for ceramics.
The batch controller send signals to start the product in-feed system, activate the high amplitude densification system, and stop the fill system as required based upon the programmed set point.
Seeing that densification is an inevitable part of this city's future, the council is outlining a vision for Tarzana Crossing, a transit village based around the Orange Line station on Reseda Boulevard.