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Synonyms for denseness

the quality of being mentally slow and limited

the spatial property of being crowded together

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M-Vu Breast Density is an important companion softwarebecause the denseness of a breast can make breast cancer detection more difficult and may also be associated with ahigher cancer risk.
On a broader intellectual level, Keats justifies the figurative denseness of literary language, tacitly repudiating the dominant stylistic ideal of clarity, the ideal, installed by the New Rhetoric of the mid and later eighteenth century, that impacted all writing, literary and otherwise, through Romanticism and beyond.
From 9 variables of habitat sources and environmental factors in sanctuary, five variables that is the availability of food plants, the availability of tree bark, denseness of canopy cover and the presence of competitor animals were the most decisive factors of the presence of Sumatran elephants in Padang Sugihan sanctuary.
It skilfully combines vanilla, cinnamon, red cherry fruit and raspberry-centred acidity but underpins them all with warm, figgy denseness.
Phil Carr has recently explained that the word daimo has at the centre of its semantic range the concept of concentratedness or denseness.
Embarrassed at my denseness, slightly offended, a little scared, and blushing furiously, I told her that I was sorry and I wasn't really interested, but I'd be happy to grab a meal with her sometime.
Taslim [9], introduced the concept of denseness in asymmetric metric spaces.
New Mexico olive maintained highest densities of understory-nesting birds when compared with other woody vegetation, likely due to its denseness.
We have seen increased interest in properties around the Red Line and given the denseness of the locations along the Green Line a similar positive impact is anticipated," Green said.
After taking Myomin for 114 years, she reports that this is the first time in her life that a mammogram shows a clear picture, no more denseness at all.
The juicy lime cuts through the denseness of the chocolate and the result is delicious, so why not try it for yourself this spring?
On the other hand, how can one approach a mother whose son has fallen in the war and tell her it's a pity, that this was a superfluous war, a war in vain, just a war fought because of their short-sightedness and because of their denseness and because of people who listened to them and hastened as fast as they could to a war that was not necessary--how can we tell her such things?
Shebib often favors closely voiced, four-chord loops, which create both a denseness and moodiness, more felt than heard.
In addition, the denseness of the baldcypress stands limits the amount of exposed land for recruitment.