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one that accuses

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The short conclusion is mainly a comment on the pros and cons of denouncing scandalous matters, because both the denounced and denouncer can be polluted by their outcomes.
Bodyguards of Erdogan stepped up security measures when another unidentified denouncer said the prime minister was the target, they also wrote.
She betrays dependent persons and former friends, and the washerwoman calls her a "Lausebalg" (which Mussey translates as "brat" but, more literally, means "parasitic little twit") and "Verleumderin," or denouncer (act 1, scene 9, F 1948:34).
This is how Paul, outsider and virulent denouncer of the church, was dragged to the center of it to be its signature architect.
On account of this malice of denouncing, Satan has this name in the Scriptures [in which] he is called the Devil, that is, the denouncer and accuser (see Rev.
When de Luco wrote his guide to bishops he already had a distinguished career as a reformer and denouncer of social and ecclesiastic corruption.
Burchard, Hogarth was a denouncer of rum, Romanism, and rebellion.
The Unburied Man (2004)Wednesday, September 20, at 7 pmDirector: Marta Meszaros Political dramaEnglish subtitles*Imre Nagy was the first communist leader to become the symbol of a national revolution, a prime minister, a denouncer of the Warsaw Pact, and an advocate of multiparty democracy.
Being such an inveterate denouncer of the third world, Naipaul has increasingly earned, at least in the eyes of many postcolonial critics, the just title of being the curmudgeon of contemporary literature in English.
He was transformed, in the words of historian Andrew Bergma, "from a whimsical old madcap to a serious denouncer of those who prefer gold to friends.
He announces this intention in a preface, heaping more abuse upon (the now-deceased) Castlereagh, identifying England as the engineer of an international regime of tyranny, and taking on the role of the denouncer of this regime against its bought-off apologists (lines 61-67).
Helen Keller was an avowed socialist, a member of the IWW, a suffragette, a supporter of Eugene Debs and a denouncer of American involvement in WW I.
Even the priest's closest collaborator and a fellow denouncer, Orlando Rueda, was put on trial for the same accusations.
Isn't it ironic that the leading Democrat on the House Ethics Committee, Jim McDermott of Washington, a strident denouncer of Speaker Newt Gingrich, has apparently committed a breech of ethics that far outweighs that of the speaker?