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one that accuses

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The denouncer had no reason to exculpate the Cossacks because they, in Ivanovs words, beat him and banished him from the township, even planning to kill him, after he attempted to learn the name of the person who insulted the tsar.
Remarkably, Stuart Wilson - mature student, candid critic, "great believer in freedom of speech", denouncer of accommodation as "***hole" - turns out to be one of the least objectionable.
The short conclusion is mainly a comment on the pros and cons of denouncing scandalous matters, because both the denounced and denouncer can be polluted by their outcomes.
Notice that I say 'nonbeliever' rather than strict opponent to religious belief or against religious belief, for it is clear that Wittgenstein, himself, was unsure what to make of religious belief and is therefore not placing himself as defender or denouncer, but rather critical examiner.
It is therefore at least in part from a meditation on the Romantic trope of conversion that Hugo, insider in the courts of both the Restoration and the July Monarchy, who would not for another two decades become the outsider to power and denouncer of state violence who penned Chatiments, chooses to question the practice of capital punishment and comes, perhaps inadvertently, a step closer to revolution.
Bodyguards of Erdogan stepped up security measures when another unidentified denouncer said the prime minister was the target, they also wrote.
Ricklefs quotes an 1879 poem by a certain Nur Yakimbalaka who was originally a syncretist and then spent eight years as a devoutly puritanical Muslim (putihan, santri or kaum), only to return to his syncretic practices as a denouncer of pious hypocrisies.
She betrays dependent persons and former friends, and the washerwoman calls her a "Lausebalg" (which Mussey translates as "brat" but, more literally, means "parasitic little twit") and "Verleumderin," or denouncer (act 1, scene 9, F 1948:34).
This is how Paul, outsider and virulent denouncer of the church, was dragged to the center of it to be its signature architect.
On account of this malice of denouncing, Satan has this name in the Scriptures [in which] he is called the Devil, that is, the denouncer and accuser (see Rev.
When de Luco wrote his guide to bishops he already had a distinguished career as a reformer and denouncer of social and ecclesiastic corruption.
When class was over, the most inveterate denouncer of the East German texts approached me, overflowing with questions, observations, and ideas.
Burchard, Hogarth was a denouncer of rum, Romanism, and rebellion.
The Unburied Man (2004)Wednesday, September 20, at 7 pmDirector: Marta Meszaros Political dramaEnglish subtitles*Imre Nagy was the first communist leader to become the symbol of a national revolution, a prime minister, a denouncer of the Warsaw Pact, and an advocate of multiparty democracy.