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Synonyms for denounce

Synonyms for denounce

to feel or express strong disapproval of

to make an accusation against

Synonyms for denounce

to accuse or condemn or openly or formally or brand as disgraceful

announce the termination of, as of treaties

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give away information about somebody

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Another protest was organized in Istanbul by supports of Beshiktash FC to denounce the massacre committed by terrorists in the town of Eshtabraq in Syria and condemn the role played by the Justice and Development Party government in this massacre.
Answering calls by the Together for Eskilstuna Facebook page to denounce the attack, a large group of people converged on the damaged mosque to show their support, The Guardian reported
Of course, it took Ray Buckley, chair of the state Democratic Party, about as much time as it takes Mike Bloomberg to chug down an 8-ounce Diet Coke to call on Republican gubernatorial hopefuls Ovide Lamontagne and Kevin Smith to denounce Alciere.
In the news release, USCCAR Condemns Execution of PMOI Members in Iran, Calls on Secretary Clinton to Denounce the Executions, issued 24-Jan-2011 by US Committee for Camp Ashraf Residents (USCCAR) over PR Newswire, we are advised by the organization that the headline should read "USCCAR Condemns Execution of PMOI Affiliates in Iran, Calls on Secretary Clinton to Denounce the Executions," rather than "USCCAR Condemns Execution of PMOI Members in Iran, Calls on Secretary Clinton to Denounce the Executions," as originally issued inadvertently.
This is in the week when he enlisted business leaders to denounce next year's proposed rise in insurance contributions.
Indeed every member of the civil society must raise his or her voice and denounce this monstriety, he said.
To denounce someone because of their looks is rude and cruel.
It is likely that, once elected, he will unfortunately be perceived as a Catholic priest at every radio or TV interview or show, and continue to denounce Catholic moral teaching.
Guan Yongxing, the one female among the five classmates in Pomfret's account, saw her father sent away to a labor camp in 1966 and was ordered to denounce him publicly two years later.
Upward of 500,000 people streamed along downtown streets Saturday to denounce proposed legislation to build a 700-mile wall along the U.
During a February 2004 press conference in Utah's state capitol, Reyna joined Patricia Deluera, the Mexican consul general in Salt Lake City, to denounce as "racist" a proposed legislative measure that would make it more difficult for illegal immigrants to obtain state driver's licenses.
While being careful to denounce the bombers and their agenda, these advocates uttered variations on the same theme: Get out of Iraq, bring home the troops from all points East, curtail support for Israel, develop a more sensible, non-oil-based energy policy, and our troubles would dissipate in the wind.
More than anything else, I made this movie to denounce the kind of education I--and generations of Spaniards--received.
Paris doesn't denounce anything; he simply points our the power of certain discourses--for instance, certain pseudoscientific phrases, similar to those employed by sects, are strikingly peremptory and definitive in character, establishing hierarchies among individuals, opening the door to all variety of discrimination and fanaticism.
Have a laugh at the fake press releases on Denounce (www.