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Developmental collaborators denoting the conglomerate of ACT Alliance in Nepal introduced Nepal Earthquake Recovery Project (NERP) of amount 1.
The markings include depictions of Taliban soldiers with swords in both hands, denoting the initial Afghanistan campaign; pot-bellied Saddam Hussein images, denoting initial missions in the Iraq war; and kangaroos, denoting test missions in Australia.
Nuber fondly remembers the day the asterisk denoting "apprentice" was removed from his name in the program.
Based on the SAE J200 classification system, Zeotherm is a DH polymer, denoting its excellent heat and oil resistance, according to the company.
Earnings results of Japan's six major nonlife insurance companies in billions of yen in fiscal 2004 with figures in parentheses denoting year-on-year percentage changes.
DELTA][gamma] denoting the vertical misalignment of the sample.
The grid of months to days has become a reminder of where we are meant to be at every moment, denoting bank closures and Hallmark holidays, as opposed to this fluid conceptualization illustrating that we are creatures of this planet as well.
The word "marriage" is a sacred word denoting the lifelong union between one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others and for the purposes of procreation and mutual sanctification.
Let L be a random variable denoting the incubation period, and f(l) and F(l) be its probability density function (p.
word ))) - putting a word between brackets is a way of denoting a sound.
Financial projections and words and phrases denoting the anticipated results of future events, such as "anticipate," "believe," "estimate," "expects," "may" and "project" and similar expressions that denote uncertainty are intended to identify forward-looking statements and information.
Neandertal skulls display a relatively flat base, denoting a larynx (voice box) high in the neck, which would have reduced the ability to make vowel sounds, these scientists maintain.
The resulting personality type includes a noun and an adjective, with the noun denoting a person's internal nature and the adjective denoting how one relates to others.
NOTE TO EDITORS: There is a caret in the equation between ((y/x) and (l/n))-1 and in the explanation denoting 'to the power of'.
Los Angeles County supervisors seem determined to begin posting letter grades denoting the health and safety conditions of rental housing.