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The chief difference is that words of this latter sort do not denote processes, however brief, but static features of the world.
The latter did not, however, so much regret this circumstance, as it might enable him to retard the speed of the party; for he still turned his longing looks in the direction of Fort Edward, in the vain expectation of catching some sound from that quarter of the forest, which might denote the approach of succor.
Yet, while his interest had gone to sleep and his energy was consumed in the endless battles he waged, he knew every trick of the light on her hair, every quick denote mannerism of movement, every line of her figure as expounded by her tailor-made gowns.
It was as successful as it was selfish, and out of it was coined the word "arthurization," to denote grab- sharing on the part of labor unions.
The trees themselves so toss and creak, as this tangible part of the darkness madly whirls about, that they seem in peril of being torn out of the earth: while ever and again a crack, and a rushing fall, denote that some large branch has yielded to the storm.
In this paper, G denotes an arbitrary group with a multiplicative binary operation and identity( e).
Any number over 50 on the PMI index denotes expansion while any number below that denotes contraction.
While an extremely small little toe denotes a childlike nature, with playful sense of fun, the little toe pointing at an angle denotes unconventional nature, she said.
max] denote the upper limit and lower limit of design variable respectively and f(X) denotes the optimization objectives.
Figure after team's name denotes profit (+) or loss (-) to pounds 1 level stakes on all league matches this season based on best price in Racing Post.
1] denotes game strategy of the central government; a denotes social benefit; b denotes environmental benefit; c denotes public satisfaction.
GOLD STAR Denotes subsequent awards of the same Navy decoration
2 is represented the electrical schema, where i denotes the alternative current intensity, I denotes the light intensity, and u denotes the photodiode voltage.
kappa]] (n) denotes the additive k-power complements of n.