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Let X* denote the set of all words of elements of X of finite length.
The analysis results are shown in Table 1 as well as displacement and weigh tested, where D denotes the maximum deformation, W denotes the weight of the sample and X1, X2, X3 and X4 denote the structure parameters.
Let A denote the set of all Smarandache Pseudo-multiple of 5 numbers; Let B denote the set of all Smarandache Pseudo-even numbers and Let C denote the set of all Smarandache Pseudo-odd numbers.
6 to denote [acute{s}]abda-pr[bar{a}]durbh[bar{a}]va, followed by a suffix -vat "like.
We denote by Con(S) the set of all congruences on semiring S.
Untitled" may also declare what it denotes to be art rather than something that is untitled because, not being art, it does not merit a title.
All these similarity measures are normalized to lie within [0,1] to denote the degree to which two images are similar in regard to the same feature representation.
16 /CNW-PRN/ - Following closely on the heels of a co-marketing agreement with IBM to market its one-of-a-kind Decision Room product and two 1999 WebAward wins, Devlin Applied Design, a wholly owned subsidiary of Envoy Communications Group (TSE:ECG), today announced it has been awarded the Golden Web Award for Denote, its bi-monthly e-zine.
that also denote changes in the state of affairs are exempted from candidature for -ung nominals.
ELX watchers might want to recognize that near-term oscillating stochastic readings denote the stock should probably maintain the recent price action.
The United States logos for STAR PLUS and STAR NEWS will incorporate the word "India" to denote the Indian origin of the programming.
Research and development projects (locations denote research site):
NASDAQ: AAIIE) announced that it had been advised today by the Nasdaq Stock Market that, at the opening of trading today, Nasdaq appended a fifth character "E" to the trading symbol for the Company's common stock, changing the symbol from AAII to AAIIE to denote the Company's delinquency in filing its annual report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2004.