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an actual object referred to by a linguistic expression

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The term President Barack Obama carries the meaning of the person elected to the top office in the United States with all the powers and responsibilities that accompany that significant role and has the denotatum of the specific human who can be observed in person and who was born August 4, 1961 who in 2010 is serving in the capacity of the 44th President of the United States and the first African American to hold this office.
For Silverstein, a classifier (nominal or verbal) is then featured by its ability to give either "a characterizability (= identification) condition presupposed to be so of the denotatum [of the classified]" or "an individuating/quantifiability condition presupposable to be so of the denotatum [of the classified]".
As a scholarly conjecture, however, the identification of the myna as the denotatum of the kosher species of andrafta is the strongest hypothesis for explaining the coexistence of both a kosher and a nonkosher variety of this bird in the Talmudic sources.
As mentioned earlier, denotation requires a denotatum, that is, an object that completes a sequence of behavioral responses set forth by a sign in an interpreter to an object that actually exists (Fiordo, 1977).
The semantic subject role the FP denotatum plays in the simple proposition expressed by the cleft is carried by the anaphoric element (which can be null) within the RC.
The focus of a proposition as defined in (9c) is that denotatum whose presence in the sentence makes the utterance into an assertion, that is, makes it possible for the sentence to convey new information to the addressee.
The focus of the reply is that denotatum whose addition to the proposition provides the information requested via the WH word in the question, that is, that of the indefinite FP to the right of the copula.
The pragmatic assertion the speaker makes by uttering the sentence consists in substituting for the variable in this open proposition the focus denotatum `a sheet of paper and a pencil'.
A topical denotatum is by definition a relatively predictable element in a proposition.
Notice that for some denotatum to be T-presupposed in the discourse it must also be C-presupposed, that is, a degree of activation is normally a precondition for topicality.
The relation between the RC proposition and the focus denotatum is not one of predication but of identification, as indicated by the equal sign in the assertion line of (10") (cf.
It is important to acknowledge that the focus of a proposition, as defined in (9c), is not a PROPERTY of a given denotatum but a RELATION between a denotatum and a proposition (Jacobs 1984; Lambrecht 1994).
Turning to those expressions that consist only of a noun with explicit definiteness marking, where that noun has a unique denotatum, we can observe something parallel to what we have seen with examples (11)-(13).
Expressions ambiguous as to referential mode, of which singular definite NPs with a unique denotatum are the most obvious instance, are probably taken as names by real language users, unless there is good reason to do the contrary.
It would be of great interest to know whether Semenza's patient also had amnesia for singular definite expressions with a unique denotatum, or had selective recall for expressions like il ponte vecchio, la scala santa, depending on whether the expressions were used to refer onomastically or not.