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Synonyms for denotation

Synonyms for denotation

the act of indicating or pointing out by name


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the most direct or specific meaning of a word or expression

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where [mathematical expression not reproducible], the denotations [PHI], [OMEGA], I, [[GAMMA].
where EY = expected value of actual loan repayment, other denotations as in formula 1.
The ontology structure of the particular concept is represented by the natural language denotations of the hierarchically and non-hierarchically connected ontology concepts.
With more symbolism creeping out of the religious/politico woodwork, items of individual reverence and personal meaning have become denotations of mainstream religion and social conditioning.
Of course, these three examples involve very different domains and methods, but the negative fact that they do not use cross-linguistic comparison to determine the relations between the meanings on the map implies something positive: they must establish those relations based on the properties of the points themselves (meanings, stimuli, denotations, image schemata), even though there are clearly different ways to do this, depending on the nature or modeling of the points.
As a starter, give out the strips, asking pupils to sort themselves into linking groups based either on similar denotations or on conceptual links; or perhaps into pairs based on polar opposites, e.
Denotations included the comprehensive descriptions of all of the illustrations.
92-112]), the reader perceives the struggles of the translator to provide a linguistically accurate but stylistically faithful interpretation, as well as the attempts of the commentator to explain denotations and connotations of words and allusions.
Related resources on Web sites, brand and trademark denotations in print and online product literature, and references in sales and marketing materials can make a big difference in taking a leadership role.
By employing the term "sentimentum" as a signifier both of the modern understandings of "sentiment" and "sentimentality" and its difference from those denotations under postmodernity, he is able to explore the presence of quite unself-conscious feeling in texts which happily ironize any model of affect.
This meant that for instance denotational aspects and aspects of use had to be accounted for in a single representation, which obscured the different possible uses to which particular denotations may be put.
This rule states that if two constituents whose denotations each have an unsaturated position for (i) an individual and (ii) an eventuality are to combine, then the resulting denotation will identify the two variables of the same ontological type.
Jackin' is a linguistic shortening of the term carjacking, a word associated with hijacking, both of which are based etymologically on jack, the denotations of which include to rob, mug, or steal.
But, runs the objection, the identity-function account of quotation will assign equivalent denotations to (37) and (38).
How do your classmates interpret the connotations and denotations of your work?