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Synonyms for denotation

Synonyms for denotation

the act of indicating or pointing out by name


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the most direct or specific meaning of a word or expression

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For each concept from the extracted relevant ontology subset the following information is considered: (1) the ontology concept content consisting of the preprocessed natural language concept denotation and concept comment; (2) the ontology concept structure consisting of the preprocessed natural language concept denotation and natural language denotations of hierarchically and non-hierarchically related concepts.
These various denotations of doom are also to be found in much of Germanic mythology and lore, from which Tolkien no doubt drew much inspiration.
A repressed, metaphorical subject is, according to Lacan a connector, a limit point to memory and representation, a denotation for what remains of an object that has been lost in the first place.
Table headings were: denotation, syntagm, connotation, cultural knowledge/myth.
The denotations ORKAN-1, -2, -4 concern the mesh concentration by using classic shield-plate finite elements what correspond with the division into 1, 4 and 16 elements in comparison with the natural division into wall or floor elements.
Knowing both the denotations and the connotations of a language is vital.
Because the statement "this is beautiful" expresses a truth, not just a psychological preference, there is temptation to interpret it through objective denotations of words and syntax.
This rule states that if two constituents whose denotations each have an unsaturated position for (i) an individual and (ii) an eventuality are to combine, then the resulting denotation will identify the two variables of the same ontological type.
Jackin' is a linguistic shortening of the term carjacking, a word associated with hijacking, both of which are based etymologically on jack, the denotations of which include to rob, mug, or steal.
Despite its two overarching denotations, coaching has been broadly defined to describe a goal-focused process of assisting individuals and companies to improve personal and professional achievement (Kilburg, 1996; Nowack, 2003).
How do your classmates interpret the connotations and denotations of your work?
The cover should also contain standard literary denotations such as volume issue, date, and so on, to allow for archiving, which provides proof of due care and due diligence in the event the process is audited.
It was constantly losing money and had low blood denotations and high turnover
Edelman turns upside down the historical denotations of underdevelopment.
A survey of some haunt and control sites is included, with denotations of the anomalous energies measured.