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Synonyms for denotation

Synonyms for denotation

the act of indicating or pointing out by name


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the most direct or specific meaning of a word or expression

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4 kg/hr needs to be achieved compared to the current 50 kg/hr for a Class II denotation to be plausible under high flow conditions.
In Miller's terms, denotation, once seen, might tend to banish alternatives from sight and mind.
Lastly, to illustrate the difference between a term having signification and denotation, two specific nouns known to traditional grammar as proper nouns will make the point.
Here, the wandering line between connotation and denotation is never fully expressed: they merge and the poem is as much a notation as any journal entry might be.
The ontology content includes a natural language concept denotation (such as a concept label) and textual comments about the concept.
Fate is not totally unrelated to doom, even though the denotation of legal judgment is much weaker.
The brand has refined the conventional denotation of sophistication in terms of men's fashion.
In words of Dr Sania Nishtar, a researcher and activist, "the denotation of civil service reform in the reform jargon is not an isolated or a defined restructuring measure, but a set of locally-suited interventions centered on restructuring laws, codes of conduct, remuneration norms, institutional devices, and policy frameworks.
It carries a connotation and denotation, incites a certain image in the public mind of individuals who are devoid of human-ness," says Pryor, who's also a consultant to the Kings County District Attorney's Office in Brooldyn and the New York Police Department.
Sohail Abbas in his paper on Nameless Literature Terminologies and Their New Denotation & Explanation analyzed Urdu literature, and on the basis of his research, commented that Urdu dictionaries lack a lot of literary forms.
We will consider the connotative spark rattling like a pinball in the void between two bumpers of denotation, overloading the light bulb above our heads, or worse, animating anxieties strapped to the gurney within.
We all know that in racial slurs connotation overwhelms denotation.
A repressed, metaphorical subject is, according to Lacan a connector, a limit point to memory and representation, a denotation for what remains of an object that has been lost in the first place.
Table headings were: denotation, syntagm, connotation, cultural knowledge/myth.
The distinction between denotation and connotation, as the concepts are used now, goes ultimately back to John Stuart Mill, who distinguished "between the connotation, or understood meaning, of terms and the denotation, or real meaning".