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the divisor of a fraction

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In one example, the media made use of animated representations of size as the denominator number increased and decreased.
Using the population denominator suggests that driving was the least safe travel mode, more dangerous even than motorcycle travel.
Patriotism is a much more attractive common denominator as people from different ethnicities live intermingled everywhere in a country of 75 million.
With 13 as the denominator some fascinating results emerge.
The fraction 29/30 = twentynine/thirtieths = 10/10 = 1 is the "l-fraction" with the lowest denominator.
The denominator of the 2nd order model using equation (3) is obtained as,
The denominator is only those residents who were not cognitively impaired on the previous assessment.
This is achieved by dividing the numerator and denominator of a fraction by the greatest factor (number) common to both.
7874-1T(b) and (d), the F stock held by A is not included in either the numerator or the denominator of the fraction that determines the percentage of F stock held by former shareholders Thus, 100% of the F stock is deemed held by former shareholders, which makes F a surrogate corporation that is treated as a domestic corporation.
The common denominator is that we consistently offer relevant capital markets counsel tailored to the specific requirements of each client and assignment, superior market knowledge and unprecedented executions.
McGruder's take-no-prisoners strip assails anyone who might possibly diminish American black culture, from disinterested politicians to celebrities catering to the lowest common denominator who cynically kowtow to base African-American stereotypes.
It's up to the detectives to locate the common denominator between these strangers, before someone is shot again.
Defining a "job-finding" rate that would be useful in understanding cyclical variations in employment, admits Hall, is challenging--especially when it comes to defining the denominator.
Eric and Greg, have pursued different career paths, but a common denominator has often been paper recycling.
Car parks (as Peter Blundell Jones observes more trenchantly on p81) are a deeply maligned and malign building type, being little more than stacked floor plates, usually designed to lowest common denominator principles.