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the divisor of a fraction

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In one example, the media made use of animated representations of size as the denominator number increased and decreased.
Using the population denominator suggests that driving was the least safe travel mode, more dangerous even than motorcycle travel.
Patriotism is a much more attractive common denominator as people from different ethnicities live intermingled everywhere in a country of 75 million.
With 13 as the denominator some fascinating results emerge.
The fraction 29/30 = twentynine/thirtieths = 10/10 = 1 is the "l-fraction" with the lowest denominator.
The denominator is only those residents who were not cognitively impaired on the previous assessment.
The denominator of the 2nd order model using equation (3) is obtained as,
7874-1T(b) and (d), the F stock held by A is not included in either the numerator or the denominator of the fraction that determines the percentage of F stock held by former shareholders Thus, 100% of the F stock is deemed held by former shareholders, which makes F a surrogate corporation that is treated as a domestic corporation.
Hall's strategy for developing a denominator for his job-finding rate is to omit the small number of employed jobseekers from the numerator--and thus not include the number employed in the denominator--and to use a definition of unemployed that includes discouraged workers and marginally-attached workers who are not currently in the labor force.
Eric and Greg, have pursued different career paths, but a common denominator has often been paper recycling.
Car parks (as Peter Blundell Jones observes more trenchantly on p81) are a deeply maligned and malign building type, being little more than stacked floor plates, usually designed to lowest common denominator principles.
FURTHER to Felicity Elphick's letter of December 24 regarding her experiences with the North Wales Police as a result of various incidents and burglary at her premises and the congratulatory letter of Eurig Wyn to the North Wales Police on coming top of the league in crime detection, may I ask what do the readers feel is the common denominator in the following incidents?
The problem with batting average, though, is that the denominator, official at-bats, excludes walks, hit-by-pitch situations and sacrifice hits.
He noted that the process itself is "raising all the posts [by] trying to bring all up to a higher standard [rather than] searching for a common denominator.
In designing a system of any type, where there is a range of requirements that need to be met to satisfy a number of diverse customers, it always helps to start at the least common denominator and then add where necessary to satisfy the more demanding requirements.