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adhering or confined to a particular sect or denomination

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There are three denominational hospitals and 19 public health services across Victoria, comprising of the 18 metropolitan and major regional health services and Dental Health Services Victoria.
Then perhaps we should examine whether or not our denominational differences are 'tares' that our enemy has sewn in among us just to keep us from being effective in our greatest mission, which is to spread the saving message of Jesus Christ
Introduce a charge for all denominational transport, For example, PS150 per year, which is the current charge made for a concessionary seat on transport for pupil who does not meet the criteria for mandatory provision.
For these contributors, the denominational aspect of Southern Baptist life is important, although not without its troubles.
I was happy to accept the whip that there was no need to further amend the measure around Welsh medium education, however I believe that we do need to give the same legal status to denominational schools across Wales.
we hope to see in the near future a united Christian Church without any denominational distinctions.
Jesuit theologian and teacher Haight (Jesus Symbol of God) here completes his trans-denominational ecclesiology, which he insists does not alleviate the need for, or compete with, denominational ecclesiologies.
Church, Identity, and Change: Theology and Denominational Structures in Unsettled Times.
Confidently recommended for Christians of all denominational backgrounds and denominational affiliations, "Psalms" is informed and informative, thoughtful and thought-provoking, educational and inspirational reading.
The same sentiment that has resulted in an under-appreciation of denominational statistical collection is also what may keep people from reading this book.
The churches last month rejected an offer from Wells to increase the number of denominational appointments to school boards in return for the churches' approval of the nondenominational system.
A proposal has also been put forward to stop transport to denominational schools for pupils whose admission is not based on faith grounds.
Among the executed was pro-government Sahwa (Awakening) leader Adel al-Mish-hadani, who was charged with denominational crimes in mid of Baghdad.
Canadian courts have repeatedly recognized that denominational schools, whether private or independent schools or constitutionally-protected Catholic or Protestant separate schools, have a right to discriminate in their employment practices and, to infringe upon the religious freedom of their employees for the purpose of preserving and promoting the denominational character of their schools.
Carrying flags, signs and a banner reading ``March for Jesus,'' more than 1,000 Christians marched in Lancaster on Saturday morning as part of a worldwide effort to break down denominational walls.