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remove nitrogen from

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After it has destroyed the organisms which denitrify your toilet waste, it then percolates into the ground and works its way into the groundwater from which your neighbor (or you
Therefore, we assume that the intergrove soils arc limited in denitrifying bacterial activity, which is unusual because up to 10% of ubiquitous soil bacteria are able to denitrify (Schmider and Ottow 1984).
However, potential also exists for the nitrate leached below the crop root-zone to denitrify before entering GW and/or to be adsorbed in the soil matrix (Rasiah et al.
Then facultative or obligate anaerobic bacteria denitrify by oxidizing organic carbon with nitrate and nitrite.
EOS' line of MicroC(TM) products safely and effectively denitrify water discharged from wastewater treatment plants to achieve regulatory compliance while avoiding the hazards and limitations of standard liquid methanol, including toxicity, flammability, price volatility, and nonrenewable natural gas sourcing.