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remove nitrogen from

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The faster reactive nitrogen is denitrified, the faster you've taken one of those reactive nitrogen molecules out of its 'crime spree' and put it back to where it's not hurting us: says Townsend.
Riley W J, Matson PA (2000) NLOSS: a mechanistic model of denitrified [N.
If it is being denitrified, on the other hand, that's more of a steady-state process, and it can probably continue to do that.
4), the majority of the denitrified nitrate must have been added [sup.
The leached nitrate could be adsorbed at anion exchange sites (Rasiah and Armour 2001), denitrified, or enter streams/rivers through lateral-flow and/or aquifers by deep drainage.
2]O flux on Day 1 was possibly due to the native inorganic-N, already in the soil, being denitrified in response to the formation of transient anaerobic microsites upon the addition of the aqueous amendments.
2001) estimated that 40% of applied urea at the rate of 115 kg N/ha was lost from an ungrazed dairy pasture in tropical Queensland; about half was lost as ammonia volatilisation and the other half presumed to be denitrified, although the proportion of [N.
1986) observed in irrigated maize that <3% of applied N fertiliser was denitrified, although about 70% of this N was evolved as [N.
Given unlimited time, and assuming no further transformations occur, denitrified N gases will eventually diffuse from areas of high concentration in the soil to low concentrations at the surface.
From the foregoing, we suggest that 30% of the nitrate that leached below cane-118 root-zone entered deep groundwater or lateral flow, and/or was denitrified compared with 86% for cane-130, and 93% for banana.