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Synonyms for denim

(usually plural) close-fitting trousers of heavy denim for manual work or casual wear

a coarse durable twill-weave cotton fabric

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Collections by avant-garde designers, cutting-edge players from the worlds of denim, art galleries, street art, collective ateliers will be presented during the show.
After all denim is a way of life and the beauty of denim lies in its versatility, making you feel comfortable and stylish.
Nature's colors and wonders inspire this easy outfit of a magenta tee and floral embroidered denim shorts.
In keeping with the brand's commitment to adopt more sustainable practices, the Denim United pieces will be produced from both organic and recycled cotton.
On the major catwalks, we saw denim taking over as a standout theme, where it was toned with the character needed for the style.
INTO THE FRAY SEEN on everyone from Beyonce and Taylor Swift to the Hadid sisters, One Teaspoon is the undisputed hottest denim brand on the planet right now.
At DL1961, we pride ourselves in giving our customers cutting-edge products that outperform all other denims," says Sarah Ahmed, creative director at DL1961.
While the good news is that denim has come a long way from the 'blue jeans' phase, making things look even better is the fact that you don't have to restrict it to lowers.
Double up if you dare and pair with a denim shirt and chunky sandals.
Sin, a premium casual wear brand, designed by Italy's premier fashion house, 'Studio Moda Creativa', at Milan is set to make a new fashion wave in the denim industry.
Doubling your denim can be a fashion faux pas, but once you crack the denim-on-denim code it's a really easy way to amp up your casual wardrobe.
com)-- Denim designer Ciano Farmer has announces today his new Kickstarter campaign.
Denim shirt, PS38, Topshop; pink jumper (worn over shoulders), PS29.
DENIM SHORTS If you're off on holiday, don't forget to pack these denim shorts.