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(used of statements) harmful and often untrue

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Rejecting the complaint, the ASA said: "We therefore concluded that the ad did not take unfair advantage of the Stella Mc-Cartney brand by referring to it without permission, and was therefore unlikely to be interpreted as denigratory.
The mention of 'wicked stories' sounds denigratory, but it also acts as a not particularly covert reference to Kipling's own reputation as purveyor of stories about the seamy side of Simla.
The Bingo Association complained the ad was misleading and denigratory because it implied that bingo clubs generally were closed and that it was a "dying" industry.
radical leader and promoted a major denigratory campaign against his
He understands too how the Howard government's failure to consult Aboriginal people about this intervention, shows a lack of respect; of how to 'a significant extent' Aborigines 'are still seen from a racist, denigratory perspective'; and how this legislation's assimilationist agenda joins moves to protect the children with the seizure of Aboriginal lands and abolition of the permit system.
69) Statements also made at the seminar about accepting and loving Muslim people did not alter the Tribunal's view about the overall denigratory thrust of the seminar.
Openly racist in their official correspondence, they regarded the movement, its instigators and followers in condescending, frequently denigratory terms leavened by medicalizing metaphors.
However if we refuse the mutually dependent duality of the celebratory (yum-yum) and the denigratory (ugh
Also to be considered are cultural myths about stuttering, many of which may exacerbate guilt and stigmatization and lead to denigratory treatment of the client (Robinson & Crowe, 1998).
In the end, metaphor is all the more effective after the previously bare, even denigratory language:
How is it that millions of harmless American Christians, or orthodox Jews, living pretty blameless lives, come to be incorporated under such a denigratory slogan?
Almost all African theologians of the second half of the 20th century have objected to the denigratory attitude of Western missionaries vis-a-vis traditional religions and cultures.
The complainants objected that the commercial was offensive and unnecessarily graphic, denigratory to animals and likely to encourage animal cruelty.
Regardless of individual authors' approval or rejection of the sexuality, irreligion, and philosophies of libertinism, and regardless of the celebratory or denigratory nature of the libertine's representation in any one of the enormous number of early English novels, the theoretical space that libertinism represented was useful to those fostering a new genre.
objections to the ASA, including that the advertisement was denigratory to the broadcasting company, that the BHB had wrongly claimed that SIS's pricing structure was designed to favour the larger bookmakers, including its own shareholders, and that the BHB's description of itself as "British Racing" was