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(used of statements) harmful and often untrue

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The concept of manipulating puppets and playing with dolls made after Deities is downright denigrating, given that Hindus perform devoted worship and spiritual practice to experience the eternal truth that these Deities govern the universe.
Like a moth to a flame, Democrats can't help themselves when it comes to denigrating and demonizing Christians.
In my opinion, the AANP has for years aggressively pursued a policy of exclusivity in the arena of modern-day naturopathy, and it has the effect of denigrating all other practitioners, no matter how effective or successful.
Indeed, this is a word that has come to be a derogatory or denigrating descriptive that permeates our gender biased culture.
The first generation of these accounts, from the 1640s and 1650s, focused primarily on Carib Indians; where African slaves were mentioned, it was in the most denigrating terms.
As an early proponent of ballet training for athletes, Mahler, now an artistic associate for Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley, had once been just as guilty of underestimating sports players as the ESPN ad writers were of denigrating dancers.
It encourages the politically correct to denigrate things like racism, sexism, homophobia, and environmental degradation, but discourages others from denigrating things like sodomy, fornication, illegitimacy, and economic dependency.
It is not new in Northern Ireland, in not only so-called militant Catholic and Protestant bombers, but also in religious parades wherein one group celebrates victory by denigrating another with the refrain that "God is with us but not with you.
led war on terrorism is denigrating the memory of the victims of Sept.
You must understand that James Campbell is the bumptious London hack who has tried to make a career, first of denigrating James Baldwin's literary legacy, and later cynically trying to exploit a scurrilous version of Jimmy's private life on stage for profit.
That's because Bush has spent his time undermining international family planning services, eroding hard-won environmental protections, violating the separation of church and state, denigrating public education, and backpeddling on campaign promises.
When you write an article ("Mystery Meat," 10/2/00) denigrating school meals, you put peer pressure on children to skip what might be the only food offered to them that day.
They began denigrating Americans in the tone of voice usually reserved for the lower classes.
Whatever `club' we belong to, it takes a particular generosity of spirit to see the best in others and what they have to offer, instead of denigrating them as a threat to our cherished positions.
Given the great richness but also tremendous diversity in the form, content, function, and canonical status of the texts considered - a range that encompasses Petrarch's sonnets on Simone Martini's portrait of Laura and Strazzola's poem denigrating a painting of Christ by Ombrone da Fossombrone - Land's claims are surprisingly unified and consistent.