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And not every film he looks at denigrates democracy as much as he thinks it does.
The message from the Rugby Football Union spelt out in no uncertain terms that national team manager Clive Woodward will not tolerate any player who airs grievances or denigrates opponents in print.
Others have the most sophisticated academic credentials, yet uphold a utilitarian bioethics that denigrates human life.
However, a decision to create an independent commission to investigate that department in no way denigrates the authority of the commission to manage the day-to-day affairs of LAPD and to make the countless decisions this entails.
Many studies have been done in the United States about what is known as "Parental Alienation Syndrome," -- when one parent systematically denigrates the other -- and its devastating effect on children.
No one denigrates Jenny Thompson's place in Olympic record books just because her five swimming gold medals - which tie her with speedskater Bonnie Blair for the most gold medals won by a U.
Naturally, their action denigrates and weakens the very people the council has hired to manage and run the Police and Fire departments.