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The literate and privileged were quite willing to debase and denigrate the majority of Europe's population (about 90 percent), who fed them.
Bourne has not sought to denigrate the purist's vision of Swan Lake.
If you told an ad exec from the '50s that the best way to pump a product for young people would eventually be to denigrate it, he'd, like, have a cow, dude.
Cragg does not mean by pointing out that obvious fact to denigrate Islam, but he does make it clear that Islam was a late-comer to the region by some six or so centuries.
CA said that under its rules a player or official must not denigrate or criticise another player or denigrate or criticise an official, umpire, referee or team against which they have played or will play, it further added.
Summary: Dakar - Morocco called, on Tuesday in Dakar, for boosting the media action of the Standing Committee for Information and Cultural Affairs of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (COMIAC) to enable it face up to the campaigns which denigrate Islam and Muslims.
The OIC rejects all types of activities that denigrate or insult prophets and religious symbols," Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu said in a statement yesterday.
I don't like country and western music, but I'm not going to denigrate those readers who do.
Instead, they have continued to mislead consumers and denigrate competitors.
I FIND it somewhat puzzling that Ray Davies is setting himself up as defender of Jews and opposer of anti-Semitism when his mission in life seems to be to denigrate the only Jewish state of six million souls.
While I certainly do not wish to denigrate James Madison, one of the truly great Americans, especially for his fathering of the United States Constitution, as pointed out in your outstanding article ("Father of the Constitution," July 1st issue), I must with due respect point out an error in that article.
Adding to his post-traumatic stress, American society itself was no less changed: no longer automatically supporting their fighting men, many people in their revulsion against the war tended to denigrate their experiences and brush off their sufferings.
This is not to denigrate them, but viewed from our context - South Africa 2001 - housing backlog approx 2 million?
When Senator Joseph Lieberman stated in an August 27 speech that "the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, not freedom from religion," he was following a long tradition of politicians who denigrate those who do not share their theistic beliefs.
Gibson is careful not to denigrate a "tribal" world-view, which, at Lambeth, belonged mainly to bishops from Third-World nations.