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a unit of measurement for the fineness of silk or nylon or rayon

any of various former European coins of different denominations

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one who denies

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com/video/1920/stephen-hawkings-favorite-places-2) Stephen Hawking's Favorite Places he says of climate deniers, "Tell them to take a trip to Venus.
I suggest climate deniers should attend a year 10 geography lesson, they might learn something.
Larry Lockman, a state representative in Maine, has introduced a bill implying climate deniers need the same protections as, say, someone in a wheelchair.
Selon Krichi, la commission d'arbitrage et de reconciliation a examine quelque 2542 dossiers, dont 982 dossiers de corruption financiere et de detournement des deniers publics et 1650 d'atteinte aux droits de l'Homme.
The SWS survey is also slap in the face for EJK deniers,' said Hontiveros, a member of the Senate minority bloc.
Subsequent Entry 3: all real estate House with Deniers following the framework agreement to the soil replacement.
The deniers cite scientists who support their cause.
Irving, 77, is known as one of the world's most vocal and prominent Holocaust deniers, after he sued Penguin Books and American scholar Deborah Lipstadt for libel in 2000 over the term - bringing his revisionist views to life.
Le verdict du proces de dilapidation de deniers publics dans lequel sont impliques l'ex-chef de l'unite aerienne de la DGSN, le colonel Chouaib Oultache, et 20 autres prevenus dans cette affaire, sera connu le 8 juin prochain, a-t-on appris, hier, de source judiciaire a Boumerdes, lieu du proces ouvert le 20 mai.
Now I am aware that there are many annoyances for commuters who use trains (deluded people whose 'friend' sat next to them is really a bag) and buses (tinny phone music from selfish people's mobiles blasting out), but these pale into insignificance compared to the danger you face from the 'Highway Indicator Deniers.
Climate change deniers seem to be a rag-bag of nationalists and corporate naysayers.
Ce compte, selon ces elus, est emaille de moult dysfonctionnements, dilapidation de deniers publics et gestion frauduleuse.
THE Prince of Wales has called climate change deniers the "headless chicken brigade".
Allen's essay, entitled "Reddit's science forum banned climate deniers.
He uses examples of various types of conspiracy theorists and reality deniers, such as Holocaust deniers, birthers, moon-landing denialists, 9/11 and JFK assassination conspiracy theorists, false quotations, hoaxes, UFOs, homeopathic medicine, tax protestors, and vaccine denialists, to show how rumors are started and the types of rhetorical techniques and logical fallacies found in misleading or false claims.