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a unit of measurement for the fineness of silk or nylon or rayon

any of various former European coins of different denominations

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one who denies

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Responding, moreover, is necessary, became deniers have astutely manipulated the mass media in getting their message across.
95), which are 15 denier, matte, with flat seams and a silk gusset, are great if you are going to be on your feet at a party for a long time as they provide a massaging effect on your legs by gradual compression.
Pointing out that low denier spunbond fabrics are of greatest value to markets that require soft touch, breathability, liquid barrier and more efficient air permeability, Mr.
Jewish campaigner Mark Gardener said: "It's pathetic in the extreme that a Holocaust denier should even be considered as light entertainment for a reality TV show.
8 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Change to Win Executive Director Greg Tarpinian today announced that Greg Denier has joined the staff of America's newest labor federation as its Director of Communications.
One of the world's leading Jewish academics says it is time to publicly challenge the growing ranks of Holocaust deniers who have found a home on the internet.
Answering the first demand, cotton is on the upswing and manufacturers of synthetics have developed fine denier polypropylene for a cotton-like look and hand.
There have always been part-time workers in the grocery business," says UFCW staffer Greg Denier.
Raxin made of 600 Denier x 600 Denier Polyester fabric of 450 GSM (+5%) &
Low denier spunbond fabrics are a great value to markets where soft touch, breathability, liquid barrier and more efficient air permeability are required," commented Alican Yilankirkan, business development director.
GREY really is the new Black for autumn and its going to be the most popular and flattering colour for legs on show in thick denier opaques.
BULLETIN BOARD: SOLUQ) will implement up to a 10 percent price increase on all industrial and airbag grade fiber, from 420 denier through 1890 denier, as well as air jet textured products, from 500 to 2900 denier.
Or about him being a Holocaust denier, come to that.
Contract Awarded to Supply micro denier polyester fabrics to the U.