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capable of being denied or contradicted


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With all sides apparently keen to avoid an outright conflict, deniable cyber attacks seemingly offer one of the easiest ways of fighting back without risking too much.
But with drones, human beings can now kill by pushing a button, without risking their lives, in a way that's deniable and can be unacknowledged, and so it is secret killing, essentially.
This claim is hardly deniable (although philosophy in this period focuses on many other issues as well); however, it is also hardly informative as it stands, as it remains vague.
Deniable covert operations have a long history and have been ordered by every administration since World War II: they often rely on surrogate actions that reinforce the deniability.
Thanks to the Deniable Encryption technology volumes encrypted by Cryptic Disk 4 do not contain any signatures that could disclose the very fact of encryption.
She went down the stairs while a feeling of muted panic grew less and less deniable in her chest.
The use of deniable third parties to repress protests and various forms of offstage intimidation and sublethal violence have become routine; however, they have tended to motivate rather than demobilize campaigners.
These are, of course, serious accusations: Easily deniable, whether true or not.
Washington's adversaries are becoming more adept at "ambiguous warfare", using deniable tactics or proxy forces such as the "little green men" in unmarked uniforms and vehicles the West saysRussia deployed inUkraine.
The notes mentioned, on their part, have deniable effects on life cycle and achievement to subjective of organization in competitive atmosphere today.
The necessity of simple and cheap detection of toxic ions is not deniable in a wide range of applications, including the management of industrial processes, foodstuff quality control, detection of chemical threats and environmental preservation.
His chosen poets were 'an triur mor' ('the big three'), and this is not deniable.
And for the Americans and the Israelis they are the sort of incidents that are easily deniable.
Kangaroo courts are functioning in Pakistan's vast ungoverned spaces where the state once nurtured its deniable jihadis, the editorial stated, adding that they are also raising their ugly heads in Punjab and Sindh because of the retreat of the state from its constitutional jurisdiction.