dengue fever

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an infectious disease of the tropics transmitted by mosquitoes and characterized by rash and aching head and joints

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Epidemiology of inapparent and symptomatic acute dengue virus infection: a prospective study of primary school children in Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand.
Dengue virus requires the enzyme called MTase (also known as 2'-O-methyltransferase) to chemically modify its genetic material to escape detection.
Besides Mansehra and Peshawar the dengue virus cases are also gripping other areas of the province and despite increase in the cases so far no mechanism was formulated by the concerned authorities to monitor and counter such a disaster which is pestering the people at large.
The meeting was apprised that all formations of the Authority have been taking effective preventive measures against the dengue virus in the city, which remained under control for the last few years.
Meanwhile, the citizens have expressed their dissatisfaction over the treatment facilities for dengue patients at government run hospitals and steps taken to overcome the deadly diseases stressing the demand of seeking help of international health experts to bring dengue virus under control.
In the article 'Inhibition of Dengue Virus 2 Replication by Artificial MicroRNAs Targeting the Conserved Regions,' the authors describe how they constructed artificial short strands of nucleic acids called microRNAs that specifically target these conserved sites in the dengue virus genome.
On the other hand, in five samples not showing presence of 200 kDa protein, 3 (60%) showed presence of dengue virus.
There were 240 mosquito thorax specimens to be subjected for dengue virus detection by ELISA.
The present Competitive Intelligence Report about Dengue Virus Vaccines & Therapeutics provides a competitor evaluation in the field of investigational vaccines and therapeutics against one or more serotypes of Dengue Virus for prophylaxis or treatment of Dengue fever.
aegypti has also provided valuable information on vector infection with dengue virus during outbreak period (6,7).
At time of admission, blood samples were collected for serologic testing for dengue virus and reverse transcription (RT)-PCR testing for CCHF virus.
The dengue virus is carried by Aedes aegypti, a day-biting mosquito that is partial to humans.
Diwan, PhD, President of the Company, gave a presentation on Friday, February 18th, that discussed the Company's anti-viral technology and more specifically, results from both in-vitro (cell culture) and in-vivo studies of its drug candidates against dengue virus infections that can potentially cause a fatal manifestation, viz.
PESHAWAR -- Senior Minister for Local Government and Rural Development Inayatullah Khan Friday expressed concerns over an increase of incidents of dengue virus in different parts of Malakand and Dir districts.
aegypti males collected in resting and landing collections were tested for dengue virus infection by antigen-capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and further examined by insect bioassay, Toxorhynchites splendens inoculation-indirect immunofluorescence technique (Toxo-IFA) using serotype-specific monoclonal antibodies (Mabs), if found positive by ELISA.