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short fiber that conducts toward the cell body of the neuron

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Such potential risks and uncertainties relate, but are not limited, to, in no particular order: the ability to efficiently integrate the operations of Dendron GmbH into those of Micro Therapeutics, Inc.
The characteristic signals, corresponding to most protons of the dodecyloxy alkyl chains in the dendron, can be observed in the high-field region at 1.
Stupp and his Northwestern coworkers Eli Sone and Eugene Zubarev made the templates for the cadmium sulfide helices from molecules dubbed dendron rodcoils.
After leaving her job at a global IT company, she studied garden design in Chelsea, London and founded the garden design label Dendron Exterior Design (www.
In 1980, Tomalia synthesized the first dendrimer molecule, its name derived from the Greek dendron, or tree.
MTI's liquid embolic product, Onyx(R), and the Sapphire family of embolic coils manufactured by MTI's wholly owned subsidiary, Dendron GmbH, have been developed for use in the treatment of cerebral vascular conditions that, if left untreated, can lead to stroke.
Call Dendron on 01923 229 251 for more information.
com)-- The garden design team Keizo Hayano of Niwashyu in Shibuya and Jenny Feuerpeil from Dendron Exterior Design in Berlin and San Francisco co-author e-books on their website "Real Japanese Gardens".
Woods said Dendron "held up reasonably well" throughout the recession, and the market is growing because major companies are advertising on television.
2,610,000 2,419,000 Inventories, net 6,880,000 6,365,000 Prepaid expenses and other assets 1,377,000 633,000 Total current assets 23,211,000 28,776,000 Property and equipment, net 2,820,000 2,139,000 Intangible assets, net 6,162,000 7,893,000 Goodwill 20,982,000 20,982,000 Other assets 405,000 1,245,000 Total assets $53,580,000 $61,035,000 LIABILITIES AND STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY Current liabilities Accounts payable $1,676,000 $924,000 Accrued salaries and benefits 2,881,000 1,972,000 Accrued liabilities 1,755,000 3,105,000 Accrued facility consolidation costs 143,000 1,296,000 Payable to sellers of Dendron GmbH -- 3,750,000 Deferred revenue and other liabilities 2,480,000 1,993,000 Total current liabilities 8,935,000 13,040,000 Stockholders' equity: Preferred stock, $0.
3 million charge for the valuation of in-process research and development projects of Dendron and the $618,000 charge for distributor terminations.
These increases result primarily from the addition of Dendron GmbH in the fourth quarter of 2002, activities related to the company's current Pre-Market Approval application for the use of Onyx in treating brain arteriovenous malformations, and, for the nine-month period, legal costs associated with the actions initiated by the company in connection with intellectual property, and increased distribution fees paid to ev3 International, commensurate with the increased sales volume in Europe.