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Synonyms for dendroid

resembling a tree in form and branching structure

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My young sculptors bent and shaped their dendroids to match their drawing as best they could.
Nautiloids, bivalves, gastropods, dendroid corals, ostracods, calcareous algae (Solenopora), and bryozoans are present.
Dendroid colleters on vegetative and reproductive apices in Alibertia sessilis (Rubiaceae) differ in ultrastructure and secretion.
Despite its very limited distribution, the Orascja Member, with specific alternation of muddy and sandy lithologies and sufficiently rich assemblages of biostratigraphically valuable conodonts and several dendroid graptolites, is a significant unit for understanding the geological history of the area.
These peculiar fossils have been classified as dendroid graptolites, dubious graptolites, or possible algae by several earlier authors.