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a plant of the genus Dendrobium having stems like cane and usually showy racemose flowers

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Reeve sent me several photocopies of the type specimen of a Dendrobium pterocarpum, which was a species I knew from Orchidiana Philippiniana.
5 million mt of coal at lllawarra during FY2018, even with a longwall move scheduled for the Dendrobium mine.
According to the COA, the decision to greenlight Dendrobium exports under a systems approach was made after careful analysis by scientists from USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.
Rich in orchid diversity, the Reserve has 14 out of the total 15 species of Dendrobium found in Hainan, including two endemic species, D.
00) was observed between Dendrobium Violate White vs Dendrobium Kultana Blue followed by Dendrobium Sonia vs Dendrobium Chaingamai Pink, PS-01 vs Mokara Robin Red (0.
Tables on the right side of the hall held 12' ivory lacquered trees with rose spheres, lanterns, and strings of Dendrobium orchids hanging from the branches.
Six different species of orchids were bought from Central Market Kuantan, Pahang, which are Mokara Pink, Mokara Aranda, Mokara Gold Nugget, Ascocenda Dong Tarn, Dendrobium Sonia 17 and Dendrobium Shavin White.
She also won the Best Dendrobium award (Dendrobium heterocarpum).
The prime objective of the present study was to optimize and develop efficient regeneration protocol for in vitro germination, micropropagation and root induction of the orchid plant Dendrobium fimbriatum.
Orchids of the moth and Dendrobium varieties clear the air of toluene and xylene.
They also viewed a stunning white dendrobium orchid named after Diana, Princess of Wales, who sadly never got to see it.
William, with wife Kate, has completed that trip and in a poignant moment suggested it "was a shame" his mother was not able to see the delicate flowers of the Dendrobium Memoria Princess Diana orchid for herself.