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short fiber that conducts toward the cell body of the neuron

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An Italian study following the progress of relapsed lymphoma patients who were then treated with dendritic cell therapy reported that almost 80% were stable after 4 years.
We have shown that dendritic cells, which play a critical role in generating virus-specific T cells, have an improved ability to recognize HIV and build effective immune responses in elite controllers.
The continuous supply of dendritic cells for modification to develop novel cancer vaccines without losing time is great essence of time.
The aim of this project is to analyze the role of new players we recently identified, in promoting dendritic tree branching and spine formation in the mammalian neocortex.
They then infected human dendritic cells with each of the resulting new strains and compared the results with those produced by unmutated Ebola Zaire.
The problem is that virus present on the dendritic cells can also infect the white blood cells which then die instead of developing an immune response.
The purpose of the study was to observe the effect of fuzhengyiliufa integrative treatment on the infiltration and activation of dendritic cells in the primary foci of prostate cancer.
OBJECTIVE: We determined whether RyR activity is required for PCB effects on dendritic growth.
Mocha ware also includes the sub category of dendritic slip ware.
Banchereau, Karolina Palucka, MD, PhD, and Joseph Fay, MD (Figure 1), researchers at BIIR are developing and testing vaccines based on dendritic cells to treat a variety of cancers, including melanoma, pancreatic cancer, and breast cancer.
A dendritic spine is a small membranous protrusion from a neuron's dendrite that typically receives input form a single synapse of an axon, stores synaptic strength, and helps transmit electrical signals to the neuron's cell body.
dendritic cell sarcoma (IDCS), and dendritic cell sarcoma, not otherwise specified.
Some cell types, such as dendritic cells, release go signals while they show the "attack dog" cells characteristic pieces of the cancer cells--much like letting a bloodhound sniff a fugitive's socks.
Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen (Nijmegen, Netherlands) has patented use of a compound that binds to a C-type lectin on the surface of a dendritic cell, in the preparation of a composition for modulating, in particular reducing, the immune response in an animal, in particular a human or another mammal.