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short fiber that conducts toward the cell body of the neuron

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Compared to traditional pharmaceutical SFE approaches pioneered by Dendrite over 20 years ago, which operate on laptops, PC tablets and/or PDAs, Dendrite MICRO is a more affordable, portable and user-friendly alternative.
Founded in 1986, Dendrite International (NASDAQ: DRTE) enables sales, marketing, clinical and compliance solutions for the global pharmaceutical industry.
Dendrite's cost-effective SFE solutions are highlighted by its launch of Dendrite MICRO[TM], a smartphone-based SFE solution built specifically for small- and mid-sized pharmaceutical companies.
As an entrepreneur who moved Dendrite from Australia to the US in 1986, Mr.
Leveraging Dendrite for pharma-specific business process enhancements will give Schering-Plough access to the latest and most effective technologies, proven methodologies and best practices, and support through highly trained personnel with extensive pharmaceutical experience, allowing for continued focus on their core business of developing therapies and having a positive impact on patient lives," said Natasha Giordano, president of global accounts for Dendrite.
Dendrite SFE solutions are built specifically for the pharmaceutical industry and we look forward to continuing to strengthen the relationship with Gedeon through adding valuable support," said Mario Mauri, president, Dendrite Europe.
When we added Optas to our portfolio of solutions, we gave our customers a way to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns," said Rick Rose, vice president and general manager, Dendrite Marketing Solutions.
Dendrite has already deployed PDA and Smartphone based solutions in emerging markets, however, j-ForceWIRELESS takes our mobile-computing initiatives to next level," said Jean-Paul Modde, president Dendrite Asia Pacific.
Our proprietary adherence programs are built on the foundation of relationship marketing and enable an interactive, completely customized dialog between the brand and its customers," said Rick Rose, vice president and general manager for Dendrite Marketing Solutions.
The relationship between the companies was first established in the fourth quarter of 2005, when DFB contracted Dendrite for sales force automation and sample management solutions.
The Gartner report captures the spirit of the new Dendrite," said David Coman, vice president of Global Marketing for Dendrite.
reviewed all possible solutions available on the market and selected Dendrite after a comprehensive evaluation process.
As customer product launch and defense strategies have gained complexity, Physician Connect is one of the new solutions Dendrite has brought to its traditional marketing support business to raise the value and integration of its solutions.
In 2005, Dendrite signed or deployed four significant multi-country agreements for large and mid-tier pharmaceutical companies, servicing over 3,400 sales representatives in the region, marking a significant shift in the purchasing behavior from local to regional.