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Synonyms for dendriform

resembling a tree in form and branching structure

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Aguiar, Infinitesimal bialgebras, pre-Lie and dendriform algebras, [in:] Hopf Algebras, Lecture Notes in Pure and Appl.
Brzezinski, Rota-Baxter systems, dendriform algebras and covariant bialgebras, J.
In the present paper, we aim to carry the study of Hopf algebras on matroids one step forward by providing an alternative coproduct on matroids and by exploring their dendriform structures.
Once the equation of human and tree produces dendriform people or animated trees, we have crossed from personification into anthropomorphism, a very different country even if the border remains in dispute.
It contains as subalgebras PBT (planar binary trees or the Loday-Ronco algebra, the free dendriform algebra on one generator), FSym (free symmetric functions, based on standard Young tableaux), and Sym (noncommutative symmetric functions).
Conditions Associated With Noncellular Eosinophilic Alveolar Exudates and Eosinophilic Intra-alveolar Inclusions Edema: cardiogenic and noncardiogenic Fibrin: acute lung injury Hyaline membranes: diffuse alveolar damage Necrosis: infection, infarction, tumor Protein: alveolar proteinosis Bone: dendriform calcification Round calcifications: alveolar microlithiasis Other: corpora amylacea
A 2-story, half-acre, open-space office area, called the Great Workroom, was made possible by the application of dendriform columns.
Baxter is free as dendriform algebra on its totally primitive elements.