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Synonyms for dendriform

resembling a tree in form and branching structure

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Renowned for its unique dendriform columns, open concept half-acre of workspace, circular "bird cage" elevators and 43 miles of glass tubing, this landmark is celebrated as one of the top 25 buildings of the 20th century.
Moreover, one observed dendriform lamellae clusters in the outer zone, featuring the growth of many lamellae on the lateral surface of a lamellae at the center.
It contains as subalgebras PBT (planar binary trees or the Loday-Ronco algebra, the free dendriform algebra on one generator), FSym (free symmetric functions, based on standard Young tableaux), and Sym (noncommutative symmetric functions).
Next to such actual flora, Wright's dendriform columns--euphemistically called "lily pads"--appear overwhelmingly regimented.