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social process of removing Nazis from official positions and giving up any allegiance to Nazism

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The film's various plot transformations enact a kind of denazification of its audience.
When he moved to the British zone in 1949, the British, on American requests, shielded Reinefarth from the Poles and supervised a denazification hearing dominated by former subordinates who reinforced Reinefarth's "honorable" narrative.
There was no decommunization, as there had been deNazification in Germany after 1945, no trial of Communist leaders for crimes against humanity, and none of the efforts, so successful in postwar Germany, to demonstrate the benefits of political and economic freedom and the rule of law.
Petzet quotes Heidegger on what happened in the wake of his experience of what Heidegger characterized as an Inquisitionsverhor (an inquisitorial interrogation, now commonly referred to as the denazification proceedings to which Heidegger was subjected).
commission charged with the denazification of Germany.
Classes on denazification and the growing Soviet threat began in January 1946.
But there was undoubtedly more to the dramatic sea-change events than met the eye, as later evidenced by the fact that the apparent demise of communism was not followed by either a de-communization program (along the lines of the denazification program in post-WWII Germany) or trials of communist thugs who had committed horrible crimes against humanity.
Nevertheless, he passed the denazification process without major problems, and in 1957 was even elected president of the University of Vienna.
1982 Mission on the Rhine: "Reeducation" and Denazification in American-Occupied Germany.
of Bologna) has assembled and arranged these writings under the broad themes of analysis of the enemy, patterns of collapse, political opposition, denazification and military government, a new Germany in a new Europe, toward Nuremberg, and a new enemy (world communism).
Accusations of his Nazi complicity dogged him after the war, and he was interrogated by the American deNazification authorities.
conceptions of German reeducation and democratization, initially defined within the framework of denazification, were extended and redefined, primarily in opposition to communism (Hartenian, 2003; Mettler, 1975).
This modern and successful Germany we know today is the country that has decisively undergone its own scrutiny of denazification (Entnazifizierung).
The widely used approach to compare fuzzy numbers is their denazification into crisp numbers.
Because the West Germans were now needed to defend Europe against the erstwhile Soviet ally, the once vigorous denazification campaign stopped and a joint American/German production of remembering commenced that fostered a myth of the German Wehrmacht and its behavior in WWII.