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changed in nature or natural quality

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Inactivation of gram-negative bacteria by lysozyme, denatured lysozyme, and lysozymederived peptides under high hydrostatic pressure.
Several of the chapters in this collection explore Tiffany and Krimm's view of denatured proteins and the polyproline II helical conformation in unfolded proteins.
The Australian invention burns denatured alcohol, a renewable fuel manufactured from corn; installation requires no flue or hard connection.
to build Panda's 105 million gallon-per-year denatured ethanol facility in Yuma, Colo.
Conclude by telling students that enzymes may be similarly denatured by extremes in pH as well as heavy metal ions.
This dissatisfaction with how classical dance has become denatured is not new.
Approved for HPV testing as a follow-up for abnormal Paps in women of all ages, RNA probes hybridize to denatured HPV DNA and then are captured onto an antibody-coated 96-well plate.
8 C per min, samples containing vitamin E had a significantly lower percentage of denatured Mb, losing less than 5% of total Mb at 80 C.
Shepherd's Stewart is far less of a harridan than she was in NBC's film; she's denatured here to the point of tedium.
5 [micro]L) was mixed with 12 [micro]L of deionized formamide, denatured at 95[degrees]C for 5 min, and then chilled on ice before capillary electrophoresis (Applied Biosystems 310 Genetic Analyzer).
The new CBOT Denatured Fuel Ethanol futures contract will launch on April 8.
The second half of the book posits that the new sexual morality--a survival technique, really--has disconnected generation from generation and denatured our politics.
Additionally, the present invention includes a method for the handling of denatured proteins with subsequent renaturation in situ (parenthetically after binding to metal charged iminodiacetic acid cellulose).
The sample is then slowly heated until the tag or dye disappears, indicating that the DNA strand has denatured.