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any substance that serves as a denaturing agent

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The gradients were farmed from 20% to 80% denaturant (100% denaturants were 7 M urea with 40% [vol/vol] deionized formamide and 0% denaturant was 6% [Wt/vol] acrylamide stock solutions [acrylamide: N', N', bisacrylamide = 38 : 1]) (Gillan et al.
However, if the same set of duplexes is run against a gradient of denaturants (either chemical or thermal), each duplex at some point during migration pass through an isoperichoric milieu in which the micro-environment will exactly match the melting temperature of the lowest melting domain of the duplex.
Paint denaturants are typically used in automotive and industrial water- washed paint spray booths to denature and coagulate paint overspray making removal and waste treatment easier.
2], the DNA template, and the PCR primers in the PCR reaction, as well as the choice and concentrations of chemical denaturants.
Paint denaturants, or "detackifiers," are used in automotive plant paint booths to help reclaim oversprayed paint.
Furthermore, claims relating to a general method of making ribozymes were invalidated, and methods claims were limited to the use of IVS-derived ribozymes for cleavage of RNA in vitro in the presence of denaturants such as urea.
Ethanol production requires corn or other high-starch grains, water, chemicals, enzymes and yeast, and denaturants such as unleaded gas.
The required denaturants will be stored on-site to ensure a seamless operation from production to delivery.