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any substance that serves as a denaturing agent

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The Aqua-Cleanse system relies on correct chemical dosing and utilises two stages of chemical treatment: a denaturant is fed into the booth water circulation system to convert the paint into non-sticky solid particles and a flocculent feeds into water being pumped from the booth into the system.
Where is [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] the free energy of unfolding in the absence of denaturant and [m.
Peoples Genetics' technologies are made up of procedures for sample preparation and constant denaturant capillary electrophoresis that can be applied to large pools of DNA (up to 100,000 samples) for identification and validation of low-frequency mutations.
The linear DGGE was performed in 8% polyacrylamide with 20% to 80% denaturant.
The liquid, chitosan-containing paint denaturant technology provides a more environmentally-responsible alternative to traditional melamine-formaldehyde or acrylic acid-based chemistries.
barrels) minus denaturant, and then multiplied by the fuel ethanol
Denaturant is used antifreeze pneumatic fittings in the winter.
People Genetics received an NIST ATP grant for $2 million to design an ultra-high throughput mutational spectrometer employing microfabrication, robotics and constant denaturant capillary electrophoresis .
DGGE, as described originally (1), relies on the partial denaturation of a DNA duplex, which slows its movement in an increasing gradient of denaturant.
Equilibrium Chemical Services supplies a wide range of paint denaturant and flocculent products, solvents and paint plant waste management solutions for all industries.
The GC column meets the needs of bioethanol producers who must document the concentration of methanol and denaturant in fuel ethanol before leaving the plant.
TTGE does not require the preparation of a chemical denaturant gradient gel and can be performed without a GC clamp.
Total denaturant is the sum of the values for natural gasoline,