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Synonyms for denaturalize

make less natural or unnatural

strip of the rights and duties of citizenship

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1965); Christine Desan, The Market as a Matter of Money: Denaturalizing Economic Currency in American Constitutional History, 30 LAW & SOC.
9) The process of painting "Oloferne," as well as denaturalizing and forcing the reader to "see" the assymetrical gaze, opens the possibility for Artemisia to escape from the hierarchies of subject/object and the limiting duality of the surveyor/surveyed options in her own constitution of identity, offering a third option.
Mimicry is the denaturalizing critical distance between some version of a "real" imitation--mimesis--and its exaggeration.
Machismo Kills" is focused on denaturalizing violence against women, on debunking the generalized concept that it is normal for women to be punished when they do not meet expectations related to the role that is culturally assigned to the feminine gender.
Still emerging from a definitely negative period, be it specifically in the entrepreneur stage, as in that referred to the preservation and invigoration of their essential organizational features identity--where "demutualization" processes were not absent, which were decisively denaturalizing, as well as advanced hybridization processes, with consequences which were not very different -; the entities that continue identifying themselves as components of a differentiated action space, have dimensions and management complexities that demand answers at the same level of the challenges that they have to assume.
Becoming woman" has consequently emerged as a problematic across many disciplines with the relentless denaturalizing in the wake of poststructuralism.
Denaturalizing the position of the ideal spectator as a representative of the dominant culture enables the feminist critic to point out that every aspect of theatrical production, from the types of plays and performances
Denaturalizing Ecological Politics: Alienation from Nature: from Rousseau to the Frankfurt School and Beyond.
The wide range of temperatures on systems, generally 0[degrees]C99[degrees]C, allow the user to conduct more robust hybridization procedures such as the denaturalizing or annealing of DNA strands.
In closing, I wish to offer some suggestions for future research on social welfare policies, with the aim of denaturalizing institutionalized heterosexuality and bringing LGBT communities to the center of research on poverty, families, and state policy.
As the excessive overflow, the maniac accumulation of the too dense and overplayed cliches of kitsch, commonplaces of feminine style in Fevvers' pathetic, prophetic, poetic utterances suggest, the stereotypically silly feminine language is merely staged, in a spectacular performance with a finale of brief, mockingly disillusioning remarks, implicit (self-)ironic metatextual comments of the polyphonic woman writer, demythologizing from a bifocal perspective, denaturalizing, deconstructing via a playfully borderline (both silly and self-ironic), balancing aerialiste-discourse the ideologically gendered concepts of feminine (or phallogocentric) language:
The project of reconfiguring Emerson now is both the work of recognizing the most radical energies, the energies of the commonal, in his writing and in conjunction with this recognition, and as a necessary part of it, of denaturalizing his writing, which entails reading him in other cultural and political contexts that impinged on his own but which he too easily ignored or appropriated to the extent that he naturalized his own social and cultural position.
Instead, she deconstructively koshers a quirky list of factoids; denaturalizing them via deadpan, she reveals: "His parents never read any of his books.
Translation involves denaturalizing a word such as "war," translating its exchange value to use value, profits to human costs, coins into maimed bodies.