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Synonyms for denaturalize

make less natural or unnatural

strip of the rights and duties of citizenship

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Within the context of Diaz's novel Oscar Wao, the modifier "totalitarian" to describe "gender work" is even more apt, since Diaz connects the historical aspect of his novel, his treatment of the regime of Rafael Trujillo, with the particular version of Dominican masculinity that the book denaturalizes and critiques.
is able to denaturalize the process by which Iranians are effaced
Rather than enabling him to exist outside of or beyond the humanist moment within which he lives, a posthumanist perspective allows Animal to denaturalize humanist assumptions and apply a critical lens to the human rights discourse that frames the corporate violence in Khaufpur.
Throughout Artemisia, painting is used to destabilize and denaturalize femininity.
42] The character Tommy Velour denaturalizes gender in a particularly feminist way.
Thus, like Christina Rossetti's tale of Lizzie Siddal, Michael Field's own rendering of Mona Lisa, and Mulvey's commentary a century later, "A Portrait" makes observable and denaturalizes the disturbing history of female voices silenced and female beauty appropriated by the power of a patriarchal gaze.
Harris restricts her comments to some of the most-worn ground of scholarship in Irish drama and skillfully denaturalizes the gender categories that have, so often, been taken for granted, while she also investigates the interlocking category of nationality.
4) Rather than linking sex and gender together, a materialist approach denaturalizes gender in order to show how society has constructed specific social roles for both men and women.
40) Such a move denaturalizes the process of normalization used to
By using spikes" instead of "spine," although this is not completely unusual from a lexical point of view, she denaturalizes the gorse, almost turning the plant into a torture instrument (the iron maiden springs to mind).
points up the ideological work done by Shakespeare's texts, and thus she denaturalizes Shakespeare so as to give a fuller portrait of Renaissance English literature in its place.
The local bosses want these routes to pass by their own haciendas and so road construction turns into a "business," something despicable that denaturalizes a collective effort that started out as a disinterested, "pure" undertaking (121-26).
As the different depictions are combined, each denaturalizes the other, and we can see either or both as ideas, psychic presences.
Raisin's forthright engagement with Chicago segregation at the grass roots exposes and denaturalizes the workings of mid-century urban segregation and massive white resistance to black self-determination.