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Synonyms for denaturalize

make less natural or unnatural

strip of the rights and duties of citizenship

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By reiterating the male gaze with a difference in a variety of moves, The Rebel denaturalizes that gaze, revealing it as a contingent construct.
To those who speculated about her sexuality, her ability to maintain normative gender while enacting nonnormative sexuality begins to denaturalize the link between the two.
is able to denaturalize the process by which Iranians are effaced
Throughout Artemisia, painting is used to destabilize and denaturalize femininity.
42] The character Tommy Velour denaturalizes gender in a particularly feminist way.
First, how can we read relations between men and women in early modern texts in such a way that denaturalizes present-day, normative heterosexuality?
Self-reflexivity apparently gestures toward the author, but such self-conscious gestures are often used in service of an antinarrative that denaturalizes the processes of representation, calling attention to the textuality that constructs subjectivity and problematizes the author's authority.
Not only are family ties fractured, but Transnational Ruptures denaturalizes the idea that expatriates necessarily forma community in their new place of residence.
Wright exposes the ideological machinery, which structures subjectivity and consequently, Wright's critique denaturalizes the social.
The narrator's voice will often espouse a particular discourse in this competitive field, thus acting to naturalize certain sexual and family structures, but by representing other types of families and sexualities, the text denaturalizes both
Strychacz augments the ideas of Butler with Bertold Brecht's principle of the alienation effect, or Verfremdungseffekt, to suggest that the theatricality of gender performance in Hemingway's work "hollows out" or denaturalizes for audiences traditional essentialist notions of masculinity: "As Brecht and Butler recognize in various ways, the staging of mundane obvious- and natural-seeming social practices within a defamiliarizing context has the effect of unraveling them, showing that their obviousness is a result of repetitive performances rather than some universal essence.
points up the ideological work done by Shakespeare's texts, and thus she denaturalizes Shakespeare so as to give a fuller portrait of Renaissance English literature in its place.
In a brilliant Sunday supplement analysis of the show, cultural critic Judith Williamson explained how Teletubbies celebrates and denaturalizes the conventions of television for children, enabling even toddlers to experience themselves as viewers.
8) In her view, transvestism denaturalizes the body since the transvestite's external appearance bears no relation to the body beneath.
Interrogating these requirements, moreover, denaturalizes them, contributing to our understanding of their relationship to and implication in power.