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Synonyms for denaturalize

make less natural or unnatural

strip of the rights and duties of citizenship

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102) A citizen who is denaturalized for misrepresentation or fraud reverts to permanent resident status, with one exception.
Its denaturalized images place figural emphasis on denaturalized conventions of the sequel to form an explicit exchange with the knowing spectator it is also generating.
For Reimer, the implied reader is a less stable reading position than it was for earlier theorists, but still a productive means of talking about children's texts now that "child" has become a denaturalized category (4).
After announcing that he had denaturalized himself from Spain, Aguirre elected Guzman to be "Prince and King of all Tierra Firme.
denaturalized, to surrender his lawful permanent resident status and to depart
By performing Ariel and Caliban as fully human rather than, respectively, as a spirit, and as a "thing of darkness," Landau's actors denaturalized and estranged Prospero's power over them.
Tomlin was able to produce uniquely feminist queer meaning in mass media that denaturalized and thus worked to undermine the very categories of heterogender.
It is no longer enough to say that this novel sought to construct a feminist counter-narrative or that its generic, formal, and psychological hybridities denaturalized Victorian values--all of which indeed remains true.
The water, which should be clean and life-enhancing, has become denaturalized and dead.
The goal has always been to demonstrate the following principle: gender binaries--masculine and feminine--are cultural categories which must be denaturalized.