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Synonyms for denaturalize

make less natural or unnatural

strip of the rights and duties of citizenship

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Like civilians or servicemembers who naturalized under regular processes, military-naturalized servicemembers can be denaturalized for illegally procuring or willfully misrepresenting facts to obtain naturalization.
As the natural way of reading is denaturalized, the status of the plain narrative becomes highly problematic.
We can help our students analyze these moments by asking, "how is the very concept of the normal being denaturalized, for what reason, and with what result?
denaturalized, to surrender his lawful permanent resident status and to depart
Tomlin was able to produce uniquely feminist queer meaning in mass media that denaturalized and thus worked to undermine the very categories of heterogender.
The water, which should be clean and life-enhancing, has become denaturalized and dead.
We might say that both the book and the act of reading have become denaturalized by these developments, and Bonnie Gunzenhauser, Lee Morrissey, and Robert Hamm all use this insight to bring new complexity and historicity to our ideas of textual reception and production.
Europe's anthropomorphic architecture was based on analogies of the human form; East Asia's denaturalized architecture relied on modular building materials.
Human pain would have become disembodied to the extent it is also denaturalized.