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Synonyms for denaturalize

make less natural or unnatural

strip of the rights and duties of citizenship

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In addition to and beyond its counter-hegemonic effects, the process of denaturalization of violence found in Vaz's literature contributes to experiences of empowerment of periphery community members.
The followed amplification program was an initial cycle of denaturalization at 95[degrees]C for 3 min, followed by 40 cycles of denaturalization at 95[degrees]C for 30 s, annealing at 60[degrees]C for 30s and elongation at 72[degrees]C for 30 s, and finally an extension cycle at 72[degrees]C for 1 min.
NNA - You safeguard Lebanon through denaturalization, Maronite patriarch Bshara Rahi, has prodded Lebanese expats living and working in Johannesburg - South Africa today.
Protein that shows denaturalization aggregation properties has lower gelation, foaming capacities and emulsification (Guil-Guerrero et al.
The PCR conditions were, an initial denaturalization at 94[degrees]C for 5 min, 30 cycles of 94[degrees]C for 1 min, 60[degrees]C for 1 min, 72[degrees]C for 1 min, and a final step of 72[degrees]C for 10 min.
Only a low percentage of the enzymes leaving the cells are stabilized, as they are released into an inhospitable environment where they can be subjected to non-biological denaturalization, adsorption or protease degradation (Ceron-Rincon & Melgarejo-Munoz, 2005).
section] 1451, which permits the United States Attorney to institute denaturalization proceedings in a federal district court, is the exclusive procedure for voiding the citizenship of a person naturalized due to fraud.
The decrease of HMs may probably be due to the amounts that were lost to evaporation and in protein due to denaturalization.
This denaturalization of heteronormative sexuality was also being explored in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries by botanists, who were starting to learn more about a sexuality among plants, a category of life that is so radically 'other' to humanity and sexually diverse that it enabled the consideration of sexuality from an entirely new perspective.
12) Botti's apparently absurd attempt to prepare himself for his move to another country is a denaturalization of the terms through which that culture understands itself.
Under the bill, benefits would be terminated for Nazi suspects who have lost their American citizenship, a step called denaturalization.
73) The difference between the civil and criminal denaturalization is the required burden of proof--the U.
7) Nevertheless, denaturalization was retained and even grew as an option for purging politically suspect naturalized citizens.
Expatriation differs from denaturalization, where a federal court revokes naturalization upon finding that an immigrant committed fraud or misrepresentation in gaining admission to the U.