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Synonyms for denaturalize

make less natural or unnatural

strip of the rights and duties of citizenship

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85) Removal, naturalization denial, and denaturalization require federal immigration authorities to affirmatively pursue these actions.
extended to cover denaturalization and extradition cases, where the
253 (1967): Involuntary denaturalization for living abroad in country of birth is unconstitutional
If in the '60s it still seemed possible to interrupt such logics and their perceptual training through "responsive environments" produced in the domain of art, Rain Room begs the question of whether any such denaturalization might be possible today, and whether still other forces are needed in order to effect critical traction.
Tattoo, Torture, Mutilation and Adornment: The Denaturalization of the Body in Culture and Text.
Naturalized citizens who acquire their citizenship through fraud, especially those involved in terrorism or espionage, can and should be subject to denaturalization.
This shiff was motivated, in part, by a series of reports in the early 1990s, which concluded that the United States was being used as a safe haven for human rights violators, especially torturers, (80) In 2004, Congress passed the Intelligence and Terrorism Prevention Act, giving OSI the added responsibility of bringing civil and criminal denaturalization cases against modern day war criminals and human rights abusers, (81) In 2009, OSI was merged into the Human Rights and Special Prosecution Section within the Department of Justice.
86 (1958) (reviewing denaturalization as a punishment under a proportionality standard).
preservation, denaturalization, solidification of tissue protein disinfection, and maintenance of the integrity of the anatomic relation), and they are usually infused via the femoral arteries or the internal carotid arteries (Coleman & Kogan, 1998).
Incorporating a mechanism for suppressing the denaturalization of palladium ions and cobalt ions prevents degradation such as a rapid reduction in the deposit efficiency even when more than 10 grams of palladium has been deposited per liter of plating solution.
Alvesson and Deetz (1999) show that, among others, issues like ideological criticism, the denaturalization of socially constructed processes, the explanation of the globalization of managerial interests and the primacy of instrumental rationality over social and human needs permeate the analysis of organizational phenomena within critical approaches.
8) From October 1979 through June 1990, I served as a special prosecutor and then as Chief of Litigation in the Justice Department's Office of Special Investigations ("OSI"), the unit responsible for seeking the identification, denaturalization, and deportation of Nazi war criminals who resided illegally in the United States.
Othered as perpetual foreigners and "yellow perils," Asian Americans have faced immigration exclusion, detainment, deportation, enforced quarantine, segregation, internment, bars to citizenship, and systemized denaturalization.
Political repression, violent regime change, redefinition of national identity, demographic engineering, and domestic or international armed conflicts have resulted in eviction, deportation, denaturalization, political emigration, and flight from violence.
It was the Vichy regime of occupied France which invented denaturalization," the Daily Mail quoted Nathalie Goulet, as saying during the debate.