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Synonyms for denaturalize

make less natural or unnatural

strip of the rights and duties of citizenship

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Thus began a process of carving out the specific kinds of caring that were denaturalised via state support, which at the same time indirectly reinforced the understanding that all other forms of caring were the responsibility of the family.
Frame's is a (meta)autobiography, in which writing, memory and narrative voice are denaturalised, analysed in the process of construction, rendered increasingly speculative and contingent.
I never see a gum tree whether it be in a flourishing plantation in Cannes, or a sickly denaturalised clump in the Roman Campagna, or one of those melancholy suckers in an English hothouse, without being seized by an untranslatable emotion.
She does, however, consider the contradictory outcomes of these performances: the process of stereotyping confirmed culturally dominant racial and sexual hierarchies, but also destabilised gender identities and denaturalised heterosexuality.
Secondly, having denaturalised the current law I will widen the analysis to show how IVF and the operation of the 1990 Act affects men and women differently to such an extent that a neutral approach is not adequate to protect the interests of women.