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Synonyms for denaturalize

make less natural or unnatural

strip of the rights and duties of citizenship

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Such an oppositional relationship to normativity, a foundational gesture of queer rhetoric, runs throughout "Miss Toby's Party" as Franklin not only adopts denaturalisation as a primary strategy in confronting the categories that license sexual normativity, but in her tangling with the problems of representation and auth/or/enticity where pseudonyms act as signs of contested signatures and the identity of the author is not an authentic one.
La reression politique, les changements violents de regimes, les redefinitions de l'identite nationale, les politiques demographiques, et les conflits armes regionaux et internationaux ont entraine des evictions, des deportations, la denaturalisation, l'emigration politique et la fuite devant la violence.
According to Mr Wilders denaturalisation should be possible when a person, holding two passports, commits a serious crime.
While Brechtian models of distanciation and self-reflexivity have taken on a central importance in these recent works, the denaturalisation of mediated, semi-documentary images of wars through the deployment of cinematic self-reflexivity does not constitute a new critical practice.
88-89; "La denaturalisation de l'homme: Le tournant durkheimien de l'ethnologie francaise (1890-1914)," in Albert Ducros, Jacqueline Ducros, and Frederic Joulian, (eds.
Ce naturalisme se double paradoxalement d'une denaturalisation du corps par sa manipulation et sa transformation toujours croissante (genetique, medication, protheses), rendant problematique l'idee d'une nature humaine invariante et immuable.