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put under private control or ownership

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The information that the land was in fact privately owned and that it was denationalized in 2009 was not provided to the Ministry," said Slavce Trpeski, Director of the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre.
Incompleteness and the possibility of making: Towards denationalized citizenship?
An investing pioneer in Kazakhstan, the EFES bought a denationalized brewing facility in Karaganda in 1997 and invested into its reconstruction.
Adding to the missionaries' anxieties was the fact that, thanks to the economic situation in the north, more and more individuals were finding it possible to maintain individualistic, materialistic, denationalized lifestyles.
8 million) for potential damages in a lawsuit brought by a Canadian airport operator after the government effectively denationalized Budapest Airport, a newspaper reported on Friday.
One of the reasons given for allowing states to exercise universal jurisdiction over pirates is that by practicing piracy, the pirate and his ship become denationalized.
The Jews were successfully denationalized and to a large extent renounced their own distinctive culture.
A denationalized ceremony would simply recognize the accomplishment of the winner--and all competitors--as a victory for humankind, giving everyone cause to say, 'That is one of our own.
Even if the oil industry were to be denationalized, the owners will never feel secure.
25) Denationalized citizenship--or, variously, global citizenship, transnational citizenship, postnational citizenship and similar phrases--takes issue with the common notion that citizenship involves only rights and duties within the boundaries of a particular territory, that of the state.
The Government of Sindh gradually denationalized church schools (without providing compensation) from 1985 to 1995.
In such circumstances the minority, always a partially denationalized political subject, emerges as a "partial and incipient" social force that seeks to recognize itself and represent its freedom through an identification with the other's difference--its claims, interests, and conditions of life.
To prepare the terrain for a genuine emancipation, there is a need for founding social sciences and knowledge on bases that are decolonized, denationalized.
Monetary policy in the euro area has been successfully denationalized and depoliticized.
One of the accusations against Christianity, particularly in the Orient, is that when one embraces Christianity one is at once denationalized.