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Synonyms for denationalize

put under private control or ownership

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Under a 1940 statute, still in force today, the government can denationalize citizens who serve in a foreign military, vote in a foreign election, swear allegiance to or hold office or naturalize in a foreign state, expressly renounce their citizenship before certain U.
The instrumental method is to denationalize impediments of the movement of goods from one economy to the other, including products like cars, agricultural goods, beef and other such things that they would agree on.
They run the gamut from early development of a stock exchange in Taiwan to a recent project to denationalize the state pension system of Kazakhstan.
Like some effort to denationalize and fuse enemy status with that of domestic criminality--as in home-wreckers, home invaders, domestic abusers?
As custodian, it provides protection, policing, and regulation of infant industries; as midwife, it attracts private enterprises into new sectors by subsidies, tax breaks, and other devices; in the husbandry role, it teaches, cultivates, nurtures, and prods entrepreneurial forces that have been activated; as demiurge, it becomes directly involved in productive activities that complement private investment, only to denationalize later when industries are established.
One of the first things Cristiani did when he was elected in 1989 was to denationalize the coffee and sugar industries.
Two: Denationalize and privatize public enterprises and encourage the private sector even in areas reserved for the public sector;
As Austrian political theorist Rainer Baubock has pointed out, it would have been utterly perverse for Germany or Austria to denationalize Hitler posthumously.
In September, 1977, the government announced to denationalize about 2,000 Agro-based industries.