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changing something from state to private ownership or control

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Before they mature, citizens can use the denationalization bonds to buy their publicly-owned apartments.
Denationalization policies around Europe in the interwar period stripped migrants of citizenship and the right to return to their homes.
Before World War II and the Holocaust, few were overly concerned about the fact that denationalization could leave people stateless and without what Hannah Arendt called "the right to have rights.
That's denationalization and privatization in action.
Thus, having examined the three aggravating problems mentioned above, it is perceptible that the governmental action of Brazil towards this policy needs to be reviewed, given that the process of denationalization of its industries for the production of biofuels, the merger of Brazilian companies with foreign companies, and the unilateral actions of international companies in the field may lead Brazil to miss the opportunity to rise to the level of international economic power through biofuels.
Trading with denationalization bonds is performed by the Macedonian Stock Exchange JSC Skopje mediated by broker firms and banks, members of the Macedonian Stock Exchange.
Due to the lack of real political will, attempts to draft denationalization have brought no results.
Asked whether this could mean denationalization of mines, the minister said: " No.
For students of crimmigration, denationalization extends the functionality of immigration law in advancing current penal and national security objectives through expulsion.
According to information, there are many other cases that need to be cleared and the problem with the denationalization is in the non-efficiency of the court administration.
The process will take place in accordance with the law on denationalization and privatization of state property.
The privatisations unit will oversee the denationalization of several state-owned enterprises -- such as the telecoms and electricity utilities -- but not the Ports Authority, for which other procedures hold.
AE[currency]KABAT (CyHAN)- Turkmenistan's hydrocarbon subsoil will remain in state property, according to the law on denationalization and privatization of state property which took effect in Turkmenistan.
Sharif is credited with partial privatization of banks in 1992-1996, and then complete denationalization of the banking sector.
A proposed solution to the situation is based on reinstating the nationalities of the Rohingyas via reforming or removing the 1982-law that to led to the denationalization of this sect, said the report by the council.