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changing something from state to private ownership or control

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The issue of nationalization and the need for the adoption of the law on denationalization had always been raised in all election campaigns starting from the 2000, 2003 and later.
From 2009 to 2013, a total of 618 complaints about denationalization have been submitted to the Ombudsman and according to Memeti, the fact that the process last more than ten years is an indication that the institutions have faced problems when returning the properties.
Subsoil, forest fund, water resources, airspace, territorial waters and resources of marine economic zone cannot be the objects of denationalization and privatization of state property," according to the second paragraph of Article 6 of the law.
Parties opposed to the privatization agenda argue that basic rights of labor are trampled upon after the process of denationalization.
IF SEXUALITY was an agent of denationalization, genre itself was an even more potent one.
Keywords: fractional reserve banking, central banking, sound money, commodity standard, denationalization of money
A proposed solution to the situation is based on reinstating the nationalities of the Rohingyas via reforming or removing the 1982-law that to led to the denationalization of this sect, said the report by the council.
It should be noted that denationalization of printed media in the country is being conducted in accordance with Ukraine's commitments to PACE.
Zia's major domestic initiatives included the consolidation of the fledgling nuclear program, which was initiated by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, denationalization and deregulation and the state's Islamization.
The denationalization process, Stavreski stressed, encompassed all municipalities and all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, no matter their ethnicity and religion.
the CRC, the denationalization policies Bhutan has implicitly endorsed
President Zardari also mentioned the important steps taken by the government that include abolishing system of separate electorate for minorities, measures to ensure that blasphemy law was not misused, denationalization of Catholic schools, establishment of a separate ministry to promote inter-faith harmony in the country and reserving five percent employment quota.
It appears to me that during all this period, especially in recent years, the laws we passed, the law on discrimination, which the Council of Europe said must topple stereotypes, barriers and taboos in Macedonia, the law on the legal state of a church, religious community and religious group, the law on denationalization, the law on religious holidays, all of them brought about a different alphabet among the religious communities and among the very leaders in Macedonia.
Even during the worst years of denationalization, the church was never the only space within which Poles could express and cultivate their ethnicity.
Economist says he started liberalizing the Macedonian economy, introduced the VAT and the flat tax rate and started denationalization of assets confiscated by the communist regime.